Class 9 fyne GoLang GUI Circle

How to draw basic drawing shapes in fyne?

This tutorial is all about circle in fyne. Sometime we need to draw circle and other objects 🙂


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package main

// importing fyne

import (


func main() {
// creating app

a := app.New()
//creating new window
w := a.NewWindow("Title : Circle")
// window resize

circle1 := canvas.NewCircle(color.NRGBA{R: 0, G: 0, B: 255, A: 255})
circle1.StrokeColor = color.NRGBA{R: 255, G: 0, B: 0, A: 255}
circle1.StrokeWidth = 33 // Stroke width
//Setup content
w.Resize(fyne.NewSize(400, 400))

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Fyne GoLang GUI Course


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