Weather API – Fyne GUI Golang tutorial 20

Want to use any API in your project ? This Tutorial is for your.

In this tutorial I have Weather API to fetch data from server.


How to get weather API for FREE?

You can create a free account


How to convert json to struct for free ?

You can do manually and also with the help tools like


How this app works ?

Fetch data from api which is give above and display temperature, wind speed, city & country.

Though you can do more than that. But this is just a demo of api.


Source Code

[sourcecode lang=”go” autolinks=”false” classname=”myclass” collapse=”false” firstline=”1″ gutter=”true” highlight=”1-3,6,9″ htmlscript=”false” light=”false” padlinenumbers=”false” smarttabs=”true” tabsize=”4″ toolbar=”false” title=”Source Code main.go”]

package main

// import fyne

import (


func main() {
// new app
a := app.New()
//New title and window
w := a.NewWindow("Weather API & Fyne")

//Consuming Api
res, err := http.Get("")
if err != nil {

defer res.Body.Close()

body, err := ioutil.ReadAll(res.Body)
if err != nil {

weather, err := UnmarshalWeather(body)
if err != nil {

// Now we are almost done
img := canvas.NewImageFromFile("c:/assets/weather.jpg")
img.FillMode = canvas.ImageFillOriginal
label1 := canvas.NewText("Weather Api & fyne", color.Black)
label1.TextStyle = fyne.TextStyle{Bold: true}
label2 := canvas.NewText(fmt.Sprintf("Country %s", weather.Sys.Country), color.Black)
label5 := canvas.NewText(fmt.Sprintf("City %s", weather.Name), color.Black)
label3 := canvas.NewText(fmt.Sprintf("wind speed %.2f", weather.Wind.Speed), color.Black)
label4 := canvas.NewText(fmt.Sprintf("TEMP %.2f F", weather.Main.Temp), color.Black)



w.Resize(fyne.NewSize(500, 500))
w.ShowAndRun() // show and run app

// Use to Convert Json response

// This file was generated from JSON Schema using quicktype, do not modify it directly.
// To parse and unparse this JSON data, add this code to your project and do:
// weather, err := UnmarshalWeather(bytes)
// bytes, err = weather.Marshal()

// package main

func UnmarshalWeather(data []byte) (Weather, error) {
var r Weather
err := json.Unmarshal(data, &r)
return r, err

func (r *Weather) Marshal() ([]byte, error) {
return json.Marshal(r)

type Weather struct {
Coord Coord `json:"coord"`
Weather []WeatherElement `json:"weather"`
Base string `json:"base"`
Main Main `json:"main"`
Visibility int64 `json:"visibility"`
Wind Wind `json:"wind"`
Clouds Clouds `json:"clouds"`
Dt int64 `json:"dt"`
Sys Sys `json:"sys"`
Timezone int64 `json:"timezone"`
ID int64 `json:"id"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Cod int64 `json:"cod"`

type Clouds struct {
All int64 `json:"all"`

type Coord struct {
Lon float64 `json:"lon"`
Lat float64 `json:"lat"`

type Main struct {
Temp float64 `json:"temp"`
FeelsLike float64 `json:"feels_like"`
TempMin float64 `json:"temp_min"`
TempMax float64 `json:"temp_max"`
Pressure int64 `json:"pressure"`
Humidity int64 `json:"humidity"`
SeaLevel int64 `json:"sea_level"`
GrndLevel int64 `json:"grnd_level"`

type Sys struct {
Country string `json:"country"`
Sunrise int64 `json:"sunrise"`
Sunset int64 `json:"sunset"`

type WeatherElement struct {
ID int64 `json:"id"`
Main string `json:"main"`
Description string `json:"description"`
Icon string `json:"icon"`

type Wind struct {
Speed float64 `json:"speed"`
Deg int64 `json:"deg"`
Gust float64 `json:"gust"`

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