Why You Need to Have the Digital Presence Now – 2021


The world of today has been changed, totally been changed.

And the traditional methods, process, and the ways are no more working.

At least they should NOT work at all, and everybody should even drop thinking about them.

What do you have to do now then?

Of course, saddle up for being present on the digital platforms.

Become digitally present.

First off, why you have to have the digital presence NOW?

Why You Have to Have the Digital Presence Now

Are you ready to listen to the ‘WHY’?

All of the ‘WHY’?

Okay, be ready to listen all of it, the all of the ‘WHY’.

Well, anyone who has nothing to do with the internet should have the digital presence.

But for what reason?

Before knowing that area, let me tell you who you are?

  • Are you a person that has nothing to do with the internet?
  • Or you are the person that has to do something on the internet?
  • And then you are the person who has to do everything up on the internet?

What are you? Or who are you?

Let’s go with them.

Are you a person that has nothing to do with the internet?

Such person/persons fall under such categories;

  • The people who do not do anything.
  • And the people who are working on the office-based and the offline jobs.

The people who do not do anything

Unemployed bunch of the people.

They have nothing to do in the reality.

Why they need digital presence for?

To get connected with their relatives and friends living on the distance.

And that is entirely possible with really having the digital presence such as social media accounts, telecommunication applications, and more.

And the people who are working on the office-based and the offline jobs

Such people who are going to their job places, the first group of the people they want to be get connected with and informed is definitely the pool of family members, relatives, and the acquaintances.

Secondly, they are then to keep up with the office, and its staff.

In this modern time, the digital methods are best used to get notified the staffers, and the clients as well with the latest happening around the company.

Makes the job so easy!

Or you are the person that has to do something on the


Not just a single person but the pool of the persons working something that have their things set up offline and also they require the internet to get going.

And those are mostly the pool of the people who have the offline businesses.

And those people fall into the category of;

Running the offline businesses such as shops, hotels, factories, and alike offline businesses.

Then why they need digital presence for?

They do need not just to connect with their friends and the relatives.

But to actually get connected with their customers, and win the new business opportunities.

All in all, the purpose is to attract the relevant local audience to allow them to tell about your businesses for others who take the internet as the tool to find and locate the good places to do business with.

Check how a hotel works nowadays?

They set up the free delivery options usings telephones (not much digital), WhatsApp (digital), w

ebsite page (pure digital), and the smart phones’ applications (the much pure digital).

And a medium-sized of the super store and the vegetable store; even every bit of the businesses can take advantage of the digital mediums to expand their business reach to the entire locality as well as to other cities.

And then you are the person who has to do everything up on the internet?

Yes, this is us.

This is what we do.

We need internet all of the time as our businesses are totally dependant over the internet.

And who we are?

We are the website/blog owners, freelancers, digital marketer, programmers, e-commerce store owners, software houses’ owners, and more.

Not just the owners themselves, but the staffers that work in such places, they equally require the access to the internet just like their owners.

Why we need the digital presence then?

We need it for;

  • To hunt the new work.
  • Run our websites/blogs.
  • Driving the e-commerce stores.
  • Working day and night to kill off the programming tasks for the clients.
  • Consulting as the digital marketers and finalizing the complete digital marketing strategies for the big brands.
  • And everything.

See. We dearly, so dearly need to be up with the digital presence.

And to guard it too all around the day


We are the definite stakeholders of the digital presence. 🙂

How to achieve the digital presence?

Forget about who you are, and who you are not.

Even how much you need to be digitally present, but you got to be present.

The things that are going to achieve your digital presence, are;

  • Smart phone
  • Email
  • Website/blog
  • Freelancing platform
  • Application

Smart phone

This fits for everyone.

Gives the independance to use it for the personal and for the business needs.

Get connected with your family, friends, job, and up on the business using the smart phones.


Not all but many people do need the email address made for them.

While for the personal use (if one needs it), there are so many free email domains that you can use of.

But for the business and corporate usage, you must have to have the email domain in your brands’ name to make you seem serious and professional.


Anyone can have the website or blog but only for the personal use, not.

For some who want to do something in the world of the internet, they surely need them.

Whether that is an individual or the offline business; it is the first thing to set up in order to maximize the reach.

Freelancing platform

That comes for the people who have some sort of the skill, and that can be about anything.

You got a skill, and you can monetize it using the freelancing platforms.


Many people want to create the applications to attract the audience that is mobile-attached.

Got an online or the offline business and work, you an definitely set up some stunning applications for the mobile-target.

Your turn now

Now tell me… Did you find your own reason to get to be digitally present NOW?

If you do not, you must do it.

Whatever you do, be digitally present for the world to get connected with you.

Now tell me, what are you going to do NOW? 🙂



Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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