Why YouTube channel is important for you?

Why YouTube channel is important for you?

If you are working somewhere it means you have some kind of skills which are useful. That is why you are making money.

If you know something amazing, may be something useful and not destructive. You can share with the world.

Are you carpenter, mechanic, athlete, possess some sort of art, calligraphy, drawing or primary school teacher, YouTube is for you.

Skill/art will not die with you

Do you agree or not; you will die one day, May be today or after 70 years. And your art / learning will die with you. Why not share with the world?

Sharing is caring

Share everything you know with the world and don’t expect anything in return. And wait for the miracles in your life. If you do something good, good will come to you in one way or another.

Some people needs you

I know there are people who hates you but world is full of people who loves you for nothing.

And sharing your content is the best way to find those people.

Make Good friends

Your content sharing will give you some great friends which you can’t imagine.

Friends who cares about you and will support you and your cause without any strings attached.

But be a good person and don’t miss use people for personal benefits.

Sales and leads

You will attract tons of customers, while sharing your content.

If someone believes in you, they will hire you.

You know, everyone needs sales. It is an amazing opportunity. You can grow your business for free.

Leave legacy

You need to leave something good so that people can remember you. It can be anything beneficial to the world. Why not share what you already know.

Helping others

No need to go out and find people who are needy. You can do it while sharing your content.

Helping who are struggling

If you have achieved something in your life then it’s time to help others. Helping will not hurt you, believe me.

Stupid people will take over

If you are not ready to share your thoughts and knowledge, stupid people will take over. And you will not be able to correct it.

If good people are silent then stupid will take over easily. You are not taking action; stupid will take over not waiting for you.

No need of good camera & mic

No need of an expensive and high quality camera and microphone.

You can always start with what you have. It shouldn’t be your excuse anymore.

If your content is amazing, people will give credit to you and love to watch you in low quality videos. Start with what you have already.

Be genuine & authentic

No need of changing yourself for other and acting like artificial. Remain genuine and authentic. No one need fake smiley face.

Follow your passion

The only thing which is very important in this article is follow your passion and don’t be someone else. Be genuine and authentic. Otherwise, you may not continue your journey for long time.

Beat procrastination

Think about things which are stopping you. Stop doing those things. If high quality camera and video product on is your excuse, get rid of it.

Always start small

Start small is the success formula. No need to do big commitments if you are unable to fulfill it. Focus one small steps and product content on daily basis.

No need of your face

If you are camera shy, no need of face cam videos. You can start without it. You can use slides and images.

No need of your voice either

If you don’t have microphone or may be not comfortable to share your voices, you can do content without it. There are people who create their craft videos without voice and showing face.

Be a good person

Content sharing is important. But being a good human being is most important.

No need to deceive people. No need to misguide someone. Follow rules and regulation.

Stay away from all those things which can ruin your reputation or your family reputation.

Follow guideline and values

I don’t know if you believe in religion or not. But I will suggest you to stick to your values.

Don’t be someone, who can say anything for money.

Some people can share anything with their audience for money.


Follow your passion and start sharing content with the world.

You will find tons of peoples waiting for you.

No need to be someone else. Be genuine and authentic to continue your journey for long time.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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