The One Topic Blogging To Become Nothing to Authority Blogger

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In this article we will cover The One Topic Blogging To Become Nothing to Authority Blogger.

Everyone’s reasons and motives are to become something with their blog.

Be it to earn the money, or a name.

Without having a single reason and the motive, there is no one that can deny they do not hold any of it.

So… Can I tell you the exact one thing that can really fulfill what your motives and reasons are?

The one secret ingredient to pour over the curry (your blog.)

Not just right now. Hold your horses, buddy! 🙂

Your motives and reasons for blogging

reason of blogging

Of course, it is money because that is the end-result of almost everything.

But as easy as it looks to earn the good amount every month out of your blog, in the good reality it is not really even close to being an easy task to really earn the real money.

When you go out to ask from the fellow bloggers who got started just now, the motives and the reasons they would name, the money.

But what the newcomers do not know is how to actually earn the money.

Then that secret blogging ingredient comes in action. 🙂

Is Social Media Time Wasting Why It Is Really NOT

What is that secret blogging ingredient then?

One topic.

And that is it.


Thinking I have gone crazy…?

crazy blogging

No, my friend.

This is exactly the bad start, and wrong start taken by the new bloggers who are inspired by the maiden and professional bloggers of the today’ world.

Take the example I am about to share…

You go to the doctor who is at least M.B.B.S

And being an M.B.B.S doctor means and results with years’ long education centered and focused over becoming the doctor.

The doctor had the intention to become a doctor from maybe, through his childhood AND even had got inspired by other doctors.

But what possibly was the inspiring point?

He (or she) might have been interested but knew that to become a doctor, it is to actually follow this one educational field of the medical from the very start of college and even through the school’s life.

He chose that one topic to spend the years over to ACTUALLY become an M.B.B.S doctor.

Another example…

Mark Zuckerberg had no money when he bought the domain name of “TheFaceBook.com” (now FaceBook.com), and borrowed one thousand US dollars from his friend.

He literally focused on the website to become something from the day ONE and even before buying the things.

He struggled… Struggled hard. Put in great efforts of the years and what now?

An addictive and one most-expensive social media platform we have installed everywhere on mobiles, computers, laptops, and tablets.

So the reasons of an M.B.B.S doctor and of Mark Zuckerberg… One topic with years’ long effort and struggles.

Think this first and do…

just think first

Make money not your priority.

Focus deeply over the one topic to gain a prominent place into the world of blogging.

There are numerous great blogs alive that have the great content but what good they are?

Not at all.

They are just out there breathing for their existence despite having the best and the great content but they are NOT prominent.

They just pushed in the content without even thinking for a second; who they know?

  • Do not lose the one topic blogging.
  • Help first before getting helped.

Do not lose the ONE TOPIC blogging

dont lose blogging

Since my primary stress is for you to understand the real ground realities of the ONE TOPIC blogging, be sure you do it.

Blogging is not really just an easy job after;

  • Getting the domain name.
  • And finding the good web host to power up your blog.
  • Even handing in the awesome-looking theme.

But… It is more than that. It really is.

This one-topic A-GAME is after getting everything ready from domain, to web host, and the theme.

Your first thought and the writing motive with its style will determine how you want yourself be grown as.

Remember that whatever happens, do NOT derail off the ONE-TOPIC blogging.

It will take time (as it really does) just like being an M.B.B.S doctor and how Mark Zuckerberg transformed himself.

And also remember, becoming an authority blogger is the total blessing that is super worthy to be on the long run.

Help first before getting helped

help blogging

help blogging

It is called the active networking method.

You cannot really ask for the direct help if you are not known and seemed as the helper.

Social media is your go-to avenue.

Helping to the queries people may have and it best falls under your ONE-TOPIC blogging, do it without thinking for a mere second.

This gets you fast into the spotlight by the relevant folks from your topic as you are one emerging ONE-TOPIC centered blogger and know what you really know. 🙂

Be that helping person to set to be grown as the authority blogger.

The real examples of ONE-TOPIC blogger

real example blogging

Well… I got not just ONE authority blogger to name him out as the ONE-TOPIC blogging.

Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise.com

He built it all off by the one-topic he was struck with, and that is “blogging”.

Everything he does, it is all about just the blogging.

From eBooks to blog posts, to travel videos, to anything; all is centered around the ONE-Blogging-Topic and which is only “blogging”.

Ending part…

the end blogging

Follow just one number and that is ‘1’.

It is the only way to move forward to become the authority blogger. Take the deep interest in that one topic to grow and go with the different and unique approach.

Your take!

whats your take

What you took out of this?

I know and believe that when you follow this ONE-topic blogging structure, this is indeed going to kill all your limitations and the hurdles TO go beyond the authoritative sky! 🙂

So.. do let me know;

  • How you are doing with your blog?
  • What you learned?
  • Will you get to change your blogging path after reading this?

I am waiting. So waiting for your input and the feedback about all of these!

But what I really want from you; change your blogging course and just follow the ONE-TOPIC blogging to really become nothing to authority blogger.





Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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