Hosing provider under $20, $10, $7 per year I have used, my experience

Hosing provider $20, $10, $7 per year I have used, my experience

Hosting providers are very important for bloggers.

I can still recall my first website hosting. I started my forum on 000webhost free hosting but they blocked it after some days. Though It was my first experience with a hosting providers.

Hosting providers can make or break your business. You need a reliable hosting for your blog and website.

Normally we start with shared hosting providers. If your shared hosting is unable to handle your traffic , you need to upgrade your hosting package.


It is one of the local hosting providers which I used for some of sites. You can pay easily via bank transfer, jazzcash or easypaisa.


I used ehostpk for one of word-press blog, though they are good but they are down for unknown duration daily. it range from 1 min to 5 mins. They will discourage you to use cloud-flare as DNS service.

I will must say their support is amazing. You can contact them via email or whatsapp.

You can pay without credit debit card. You can use easypaisa, jazzcash or banktransfer.


It is one of the local hosting, which I never used. They are their service is good.


The best thing about name cheap is amazing support. Their hosting plan are not bad. I have used them for several years.


I have bought domains from godaddy. I will not recommend buying hosting from godaddy. Their hosting is not as good as their domain. And their support is worst of all the hosting I have used.


It is one of the premium hosting I have used. But they are not cheap as compared to other hosting but you can host unlimited sites.


I have used their hosting successfully. They provide you a reseller service, which you can sell to other users easily with separate control panel for each.


My first blog was on blogger and teach blogger to my students also. It is one of the most used blogging platform. But If you are a professional blogger avoid it.


WordPress is good cms and they provide hosting also. But with too much limitations. You can’t upload plugins and themes.


Wix is good for non-technical people. But I will prefer wordpress over wix.

Digital Ocean Vps

If you are going to buy vps for your website. I will suggest digital ocean. It is one of the affordable vps hosting for your blog.

Linode Vps

Their vps hosting is also affordable and you can upgrade any time if you into event blogging.


OVH is the father of all hosting providers. All local and non-local hosting providers buy from them and then sell to their customers.


Cloud-flare is the content delivery network. It will protect your site form attackers.

It will also help you manage your traffic very well by serving the cached version of your site.

They are also providing free ssl certificates which is amazing.


If you are a student and don’t have money, I will suggest you to go for bloggers, word press or wix. If you want to spend up to $20 per year. I will suggest name cheap. If your budget is $15 per year. You should go for local hosting providers. If you have any issue. You can contact me to help you.

Hosing provider under $20, $10, $7 per year I have used, my experience

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