Affiliate Marketing – How it Becomes Your Number One Blog Earning Source


A blog is created for certain and the specific reasons.

And the one biggest and specific reason is of course, to make money from the blog.

But how?

How is it really possible?

Do you know it?

Well, I claim how this earning method can become your number one blog earning source in no time.

Just sticking to this one single earning source will do wonders to you if you go with it for long.

And can easily bypass any other earning methods that you have employed at the moment (in case you are not doing that as well.)

What is that number one blog earning source?

It is none other than the affiliate marketing.

How to make affiliate marketing your number one blog earning source?

As affiliate marketing is the patience-based earning method, it will require some time to see the fruitful results.

So, you get set ready to do these 7-steps long affiliate marketing proven tips;

  1. The loyal audience is all you need
  2. Personal. Be personal
  3. Be really ready to review the products and services
  4. Stay close to the merchants
  5. Follow the search trends
  6. Weaponize the link building
  7. Get registered with the affiliate network

1- The loyal audience is all you need

Take your blog as the general super store where you have products placed according to the needs of your customers, and the locality.

Trying to sell something that is not in demand, and totally in the contrast of your customers’ need; the idea will not work at all and will make them to stay away from your shop (your blog.)

Try ONLY to come up with the ideas that is loved/liked by the niche target audience to start attracting them.

2- Personal. Be personal

Many people try to copy the styles of others that are already successful.

But they just totally forget the fact that that successful person who is successful at the moment, had owned his (or her) style from the day one.

And this is the time to stay and move with your own style due to congestion.

That is always possible when you are personal.

Go with personal-touched content, website theme, and everything to show how personal you are with your blog.

3- Be really ready to review the products and services

Be ready to review the products and the services only and ONLY according to your niche.

And the niche is that which one topic you chose for.

Yes, only one topic.

That is the core success point to follow just one topic all the time.

As it will make you an authority in that specific topic over the time.

Write the best content about that product(s) or the service(s) with your very own personal touch.

Make it look and read as natural-looking content and beat your competitors in the quality. 🙂

4- Stay close to the merchants

Sometimes and most of the time, many affiliate bloggers just get to be registered with merchants’ affiliate programs, write the content, post around their links to promote, and just forget about rest of the things.

But why not do something different? Something unique?

And that with to get in touch with the merchants to make healthy relationships with them.

The reason is to interact with the affiliate managers if they got one in order to show how good you can become for them.

Take their advices. Figure things out if facing any problems.

All in all, build the trust with your merchants.

And who knows you would be able to secure higher commission rate due to the trust?

Yeah, things happen. And they can happen with you as well. 🙂

5- Follow the search trends

Trends are meant to be changed, and they do change over the time.

The first page is almost filled up with the affiliate content.

So, be very sure and take the good advantage of the search engine tools to find everything about the keywords search volume, and all to do every effort on the right things AND to not waste your time in targeting the irrelevant search terms and more.

Be the avid user of such search engine tools from the day one.

6- Weaponize the link building

Link building is the (only) rank-earning method that is going to uplift your affiliate blog.

The link building will get you to earn fast results to get the search rankings sorted, your reviews found online, and to actually make the money.

But be very beware of the paid links. Do not trap for this tactic.

7- Get registered with the affiliate network

Many websites do offer the direct sign up for their affiliate programs.

But I would refrain you to go with that route — to direct sign up for the website’s affiliate program.

Instead, you should try to gain access of the affiliate network.

Affiliate network that contains many, so many services and the products to select for yourself.

Under the affiliate network(s), this will allow you to select the products and the services based upon the categories.

While your selected topic does fall under the category of “Internet Marketing”, you will get to see many “Internet Marketing” related products or services.

Some affiliate networks that you can shoot for to get registered with;

These all are the wonderful affiliate networks where you can get your interested products and the services.

Your turn

Now that you know how it is easy to get affiliate marketing your number of blog earning source.

But remember it for one more time, it is going to take a lot of time. A good lotta of the time.

Just you need to set up your blog, get it ready from the first day to win the affiliate sales, and write the best content all of the time.


What are you going to do?

Really ready to hit the affiliate marketing with your blog? 🙂

I want you to be ready, and win your first sale so soon! 🙂






Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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