Why am I sad for no reason?

Why am I sad for no reason?

It is considered as an imperative question that why we feel sad for no reason, in order to understand this fact, we need to look deeper down to the causes and solutions.

If you are feeling sad for no apparent reason then there are two possible things you are going through:

  1. You might have known the cause of the sadness but you are not satisfied with the answer you found out.
  2. Or you do not know the reason as yet, and maybe it is present in your unconscious and you are not able to get to the direct cause.

Let us look at what actually sadness is and why we get sad for no reason.

I am depressed what should I do?

What actually this is?

Well, it is known that sadness is the most fundamental emotion of humans and there is nobody on earth who is not familiar with this term.

People handle sadness by using different ways, some of them handle it by using healthy ways and some use unhealthy or negative ways to tackle sadness.

It is clear and acceptable fact that we cannot really avoid being sad, and it is a part of life as everybody goes through it.

Let us check out the reasons of getting sad, that why do we really get sad with reason or without reason.


Now, it is considered to be the most complex question ever, we are not able to understand the main cause of being sad. At the same time, we can say that everybody is having his own cause of being sad and he only needs to find it out in order to tackle it. It is not that much difficult to find out the reason of that why you are sad, it can be due to the loss of some loved one, or you may be tired, or feeling stress etc.

Chemistry of the brain

If we say that the most complex machinery on earth is human brain then it will not be wrong. As far as sadness is connected to brain, our neurochemistry is there to play the main role. There are thousands of reasons of a person being sad, and his brain will be experiencing anxiety and sadness, but it is never definite that you know the exact reason.

What next?

We need to see some of the most common ways, in which our brain can cause us to feel sad and depressed.

  1. If you are not sleeping properly then you might feel sadness as when you are not able to get proper sleep then it will create disturbance in our body as well as in the brain. As a result, you will be experiencing mood fluctuations. You need to get proper sleep in order to get rid of feeling sad for no apparent reason.
  2. Disbalance of hormones can be a lead cause of your being sad, it can occur time to time due to developmental process in the body.
  3. If you are not active and are not doing anything that comes in the category of physical activity then you can feel sadness. How is that so? Well, there are a few hormones that are connected to the physical activity for instance, serotonin and dopamine. If you are not physically active then you will not get to have these hormones released and eventually you will decrease you chance of feeling relaxed and happy.
  4. There might be imbalance in your nutrition so that the heath of your brain is affected; you will feel sadness for without any reason if this happens. If your blood sugar is not maintained then you might feel mood fluctuations.
  5. It is proven that you can have sadness in your nature and you have it from your parents. It can be inherited!
  6. Dehydration can also be a cause of your sadness, try to stay hydrated all the time.
  7. Illness and chronic pain can contribute to anxiety and sadness, and they can be linked with emotional stress and sadness.

Environmental factors contributing to sadness

Here are a few environmental factors that can contribute to sadness and you need to figure the cause of your sadness.

Hera are a few environmental factors that can be a cause of sadness:

  1. Relationship stress:
    It can be the main cause of your being stressed and sad, as if the relationships are suffering then you will be suffering with them likewise. It is a known fact that healthy relation is the cause of a person being happy.
  2. Separation stress:
    When we undergo some kind of loss we will feel sad as a response. When talking about separation stress, we can say that it is the earliest form of stress a human can have. If the infants are separated from their mothers they will undergo this stress and later when they will be grown up then they will feel the same sadness after going far away from their loved ones.
  3. Work stress:
    People mostly are taking work load as a stress and stressful work lives can cause sadness and depression. A person with work stress will be thinking about work even if he is at home, this will make him feel sad.
  4. NEWS:
    Yes, you are reading it right! Watching the news can be a cause of sadness. One will feel anger, fear and sadness due to the news that the channels are displaying.

End note

So, these are the triggers that are responsible of your sadness and now you have the answer of this question that why am I sad for no reason.

There are three steps with you can get rid of sadness:

  • First of all, Finding the reason
  • Secondly, accepting it
  • Thirdly, starting to combat

You should have found the key reason that why you are sad or feel sad sometimes. All you need to do is to figure the cause out and sought it so that you can learn to tackle it whenever it comes back again. Being sad is nothing serious remember it is a temporary feeling, sooner than later it will go away.

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