Focus is everything, my meditation journey

Focus is everything, my meditation journey


Focus is very import in your life. Focus can improve your life and skills. Focus is the number one skill everyone should have in this modern world.


My meditation journey is very amazing. I start and stop a lot. Sometime I did meditation very strictly and sometimes I lost in my day to day life.

I learn a lot. It was great experience.

I learn to handle my thoughts

I learn to handle my emotions

I can focus better on learning and daily chores.

Focus is important for you if you are student. You will be able to better focus on studies.


What you can do for focus?

Now it is time to decide what you are going to focus on? You can choose from the tools and techniques below.

Meditation practice is not the one day thing. It is like gem. You push yourself everyday without seeing any noticeable result.


Sound of silence meditation

Focusing on a sound coming from somewhere in your ear. You may not be able to experience it without ear plugs to block sound.


Focusing on breath?

Breath is the sign of life. You can focus on your breath if you are alive: P


Focusing on a sound in your ears?

put down your head on a table or desk. You will be able to hear/ observe some sound. You cannot define the nature of sound. But it is only noticeable when there is silence. You may be familiar with it. you have put down your head in school.

Focusing on a black dot drawn on white paper

You can draw a black dot on a paper or drawing chart and then focus on it on daily basis to train your focus.

Focusing on a candle

You can alternatively focus on a glowing candle flame. But your parents may not allow you if you are too younger. You need to super careful about your eyes.

Focusing on sun

You can focus on sun when it is rising. First 15 to 30 minutes. It can ruin your eyes & eye sight if you do it wrong.

Focusing on moon

Beside sun, you can easily focus on moon. It is more pleasure and easy to focus on it without putting eyes in danger.

Focusing on your surrounding

You can focus on your surroundings. Being aware of what is going on in your surrounding.

Focusing on nothing

Meditation means doing nothing. This feels like waste of time. You may feel guilty for wasting time and doing nothing. But you are actually preparing yourself for rest of the day.



Spare some time every day to work on your focus. It may not be easy to get aside some time on daily basis. But I know your figure it out.

If you may seems difficult when you are starting. I will suggest you to start small if you doing for the first time.

No need to worry if it is good for you or not. There is no danger in it. There is no good or bad  meditation.

Only doing meditation practice on daily basis is what matter a lot.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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