Benefits of Pull ups, Chin ups and Push ups Everyday for Male & Females

You must have seen some giant ripped people doing hundreds of pull ups in the gym and you must have wished that you could do same like them. You might have thought at some point that doing pull ups is quite difficult as you will have to lift up your entire body which nearly impossible. You have to accept the fact that they are not as difficult as we think they are, and you can start doing them right away, a few for the very first time.

You can start just by a few pull ups and then you can increase them gradually, sooner than later you will reach the number those gym guys were showing off.

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It is quite impressive to see, and despite being impressive it will provide you with a lot of benefits when you are doing it regularly. Let us have a look on benefits of pull ups everyday for male & females you are going to get when you are practicing it regularly.

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how to start perfect pull ups

First of all we will check out how you can do pull ups so that you will know how to start perfect pull ups.

  • It will be pretty much challenging when you will start it for the very first time. Moreover, if you are not doing it right then you will damage your muscles which is of course not good for you. You have to follow the below mentioned steps so that you can do the right pull ups and will be able to build muscles, can avoid injury as well.
  • First of all, jump up and get that bar and hang from it.
  • Now you will have to clench the abs and start to pull yourself up by the use of your arms, stop when your chest will touch the bar. Now raise your chin up high that it will reach above the pull up bar, you should keep your shoulders back and lead with your chest so that you can prevent the injury.
  • You should not swing your legs sideways or front-back, as it can cause an injury to the muscles.
  • Now, that you have reached the top, slowly come back to the original position and then you can repeat it until you will feel exhausted and you are not able to do any more pull ups.

Motivation for pulls ups

Now, you know how to do pull ups safely without harming your muscles, so we will get to the Benefits of pulls ups for height and for runners. After having a look on the benefits you will be able to motivate yourself to do pull ups on daily basis. Have a look:

  1. The most amazing part of doing pull ups is that they are the most convenient exercise that you can do in no time and without any equipment. You need the solid bar and of course your two arms to do this exercise. You can do it in the gym with ease or you can do it from the convenience of your own home by using your own pull up bar.
    You should take care of the fact that you have a good and strong pull up bar at home so that you might not get any injury while doing pull ups. Moreover, there are many parks out there with pull up bars so that you can do this exercise in park. You can use them without paying any cost for it as they are completely free for you.
  2. The other benefit of doing pull ups on the regular basis that you will get all your muscles moving at the same time. You will see that it is a compound exercise for you that in a very short time you will go through a lot of other exercises too. Even a single pull up will get work on your core, shoulders, lats, grip strength, wrists, forearms, triceps and biceps at the same time.
    This is the best bodyweight lifting exercise you can do, as you will be lifting all of your body weight at once.
    There is no other exercise like this which will have all your muscles working out. If you want all your muscles to work out at the same time then this is the best exercise for you. We can say that this is a mixture of all the 7 exercises one after another, that you are doing at once.
  3. As we know that how much grip strength is important, and with this exercise you will get amazing grip strength, this is why pull ups are great. For doing a single pull up you will need full grip strength otherwise you will not be able to do it.
    Just wonder that you have to lift all your body weight on your hands and fingers, of course you will get great grip strength.
  4. It is not like that you have to just continue with just pulling your body again and again. It may be boring for you to continue with this, but to your surprise, there are a lot more variations to this exercise. You can try all of them so that you will not get bored of this exercise.
    You can try chin ups, and the close grip pull ups as well, you can do these with the same old things, as in, your hands and the bar. But all the other kind of pull ups will work on the different muscles, as you will select the one that suits you.
    For instance, you can try chin ups or reverse grip pull ups which will help you with your biceps more. So, there are variations like this, and you can select the one you want to do.

Wrapping up

Now, you are good to go to start doing pull ups for height from today, just don’t think much and you surely will get good results out of it. You will get stronger core, stronger back, and stronger arms, and of course, you will also lose some weights and get good cardio health. This is what you will get after doing pull ups on regular basis.

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