I am depressed what should I do?

I am depressed what should I do?

Depression is not a very rare issue, rather it is among one of the very common issues faced by almost every person. All of us get lonely and depressed sometimes and we find it really hard to come out of this phase. Usually people find it hard to enjoy the life ahead and they actually lose hope partially if not completely. Some of them try to find the solution to this problem but they fail and they start feeling that they will stay like this for rest of their lives.

Why am I sad for no reason?

This is a terrible position for a person to be in.

But, there is good news, it is not permanent, as in you can resolve it out.

At some point, you should have asked that I am depressed what should I do and you have had looked for the solutions. Keep one thing in mind that coming out of this phase requires effort and thought, and of course it is possible to get out of it. There are things that you can do to get out of this depressing phase.

Let us find the ways with which you can understand better and will be able to support yourself so that you can figure out what do you need to do when you are feeling depressed and lonely.

First of all, we will look out the symptoms so that you can get to know either you are depressed or not.


If you want to come out of the depressing phase, then you need to understand the nature of depression and loneliness.

  • If you are feeling exhausted right after you wake up suggests that you are depressed and feeling lonely, and it is quite a way that you might be suffering from fragmented sleep. That means that you have a split sleep in which you wake up many times during night and deep rest is not achieved.
  • Your immune system is not able to work well, every virus running through catches you and due to the physical changes, you always feel exhausted.
  • You are cut off from your friends and social circle, you are feeling worthless, you are not able to concentrate, you are not able to carry out your passions, etc.

Now, after getting to know the symptoms, you ought to look out for the causes so that you can sought it out.


There is no specific answer to this question that what are the causes of depression and anxiety, but you should ask yourself for the reason; you will get to know your cause of depression and loneliness. If there is no apparent reason of your being lonely and after going deep down inside you still there you have not found any cause of depression then it can be passed from your parents; they studies have proven the fact that depression and loneliness can be inherited.

After knowing the causes, now we should move towards the solution, that how you can stop feeling depressed and can come out of feeling lonely state.


Whatever the reason is there is a possibility that you can feel better after knowing the right way. There is no miracle that will help you to fix this issue overnight, but you can do a few things to feel better right away and eventually getting out of this state completely.

We will check out to the step by step guide with which you can feel better and you will feel happiness from the very first day. Have a look:

  1. Accepting
    You ought to accept the fact that it is just a temporary feeling and it is not for the rest of your life. It is basically a trap and you should bot fall the prey to it as you will feel lonely for a day or two but it is not permanent, of course you are not alone in any case as there are people around you who definitely care for you. You should focus on the fact that you need to move forward and overcome this bad feeling of being lonely.
  2. Enhancing and maintain
    You should go closer to the people with whom you want to have close relations, take a few steps to go close to them. You can add new relationships or can enhance the previous ones. All you need is to be brave and to reach out to people.
  3. Disconnecting
    Social media is the root cause of most of the people feeling depressed and lonely as we cut off from the real world and try to find relations there in the virtual world. You should disconnect from that and give time to yourself and your loved ones.
  4. Refocusing the Attention
    When you think all the time that you are depressed and sad, then your condition will get even worst. You need to focus on something else that makes you happy, you can write a motivational thought every morning. For example, you can write three of five things that you feel grateful you have, write different things down every day and you will feel the difference in a few days.
  5. Enjoying own company
    You might feel that you can only feel happy with your loved ones and you cannot enjoy your own company, then this is not true. You can have good time with only yourself as well, you can take a walk alone and can observe nature. By doing this you can boost your self-esteem and mood likewise. Moreover, you can invite yourself for your favourite meal and you will be surprised to see that how much happier you will feel.
  6. Getting out
    You should get out of your comfort zone, and join some new things to do such as developing a new skill, joining a book club etc. In this way, you will open yourself up to new connections and you will be able to make new relationships as well.

Powerful things to say to yourself to combat depression

You can say these things to yourself so that you can fight with that feeling of depression and anxiety:

  • I trust my perception
  • I will appreciate myself for what I am
  • I am on my own and at peace
  • I am the only one who is responsible for my happiness
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