How to master any skill fast and easily

How to master any skill fast and easily

Here are my 4 step formula

1.Give 1 hour daily

Don’t forget to give time to your favorite subject/skill daily.  Its ok to start small and improve gradually over time. It is very difficult to sit and learn. But you need to set aside some time and study your field without distractions. You have to sacrifice your luxury and fun time.

2.Take all courses in your niche

Buy and attend all courses in your subject area.  Video courses are great resource to learn from. Investing time on daily basis is a key element. Sometime video can clear all your concepts.

3.Read All books in your niche

Read all the books and manuals. Readers are leaders. After reading 2 to 3 books , you will notice a pattern. Things are repeating for you. And you will instantly recognize good and bad books.

4.Use your free time
Use your driving time and listen to audio books
Use your eating time and listen
Listen to audio book while walk and exercise
Minimize your music time

Journey of thousand mile begin with your first step. I know the life is full of distraction. Social media is a biggest distractions. There is tons of information available and it is very difficult to choose the best one.

Avoid Distractions

If you are serious about your journey. Remove all social media and spend that time in your learning. It will speed up your learning.

Other obligations

If you are some one doing full time job. It might not be easy for you.

Regular routine

Make learning a routine and daily task. With time it will become super easy. No need to spend tons of time in start. But if you can it will help you grow very fast.

Focus on one thing

Don’t spend your in different fields. Focus on one thing and become a campion. Life is very short. You can’t expert in 10 different fields. Don’t spend your life in learning only.

80/20 principle

Apply 80/20 principle in your study. Focus on those areas which are super important. You can ignore other areas for sometime. But focus on fundaments.

Improve your focus meditation

If you can’t focus , you can’t achieve anything in life. Work on your focus daily. Don’t forget to spend time meditating.

Sleep good

A good night sleep is very important. You can not easily focus if you are deprived of sleeping.

Learning Buddy

If you don’t want to loose motivation. Find a learning buddy. It will give you a kick when you are feeling down.

Make learning fun

Don’t make learning very borning. Make your learning a fun. Do it creatively make it a fun activity. Do fun projects. Share your learning , research and findings with others.

how to learn any skill 10x faster

Learning is important but practice is more important. And revision is super important.

How to learn any skill in 20 hours

You can learning small skills easily in 20 hours.  Divide a skill into skills and start practicing one piece at a time.

Appreciate different ways of learning new things

You learn more when you teach to someone. Make a video of what you learning. Teach it to your friends and siblings.

Willingness to learn new knowledge and skills

If your life is not very busy. It mean you know how to manage your time. If you are feeling too busy first focus on your time managements skills.

How can I learn new skills quickly and effectively

If you want to master a skill faster. Use it everywhere. If you learning drawing, video editing or content writing. Spend 5x time on practicing the skill and 1x time on learning. And remaining time on doing your dream projects.

Fastest way to learn a new skill

Action is the key to everything. Learn from an expert. If you don’t have money. Exchange your skills, you already know. Second thing start teaching, sharing, practicing what you already know.

How to deconstruct a skill

Find someone who already who what you are doing. If you don’t have someone. Go to youtube and search for basics. Watch video for 5 minute , digest and consume it. And start practicing what you have learnt in 5 minutes. If you are unable to understand. you can always try a new one.

How to learn a new skill

Always watch and read the material in your native language. Start with basics and always use free material available on youtube. Don’t watch big & lengthy courses and videos. I will suggest to start with smallest video available and watch for 5 minutes. And reproduce it and practice it. If you are learning drawing, watch for 5 minutes and repeats those steps in your drawing book or A4 paper or your cell phone.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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