How to start a blog, my experience

How to start a blog, my experience

Starting a blog is easier than before. You need not to spend tons of time and money on blogging.

I will share with you how to start a blog under $10 to $20 max per year, With Custom .com domain. If will you are still unable to figure out. I can do it for you in this amount.

No need of coding skills

You don’t need any coding or programming skill. That’s the beauty of modern technology.

No need of design UI skills

You don’t need any UI & UX skills. You can use ready-made themes and templates. You can change it any time or hire someone to create a custom one for you.

Buy a domain

You are starting out. You need a custom .com domain.

Though there are places over the internet where you can get free sub domain which is not suitable for our brand. But you still have choice.

As we are going to create a big brand through our blog, so we are willing to spend $10 to $20 max per year. Not more than that.

I am not someone who suggests very expensive hosting for sake of my affiliate commissions.

Buy hosting

You can buy hosting from anywhere on the internet. Hosting is the place where we store our website files.

So we will not go for super cheap hosting. We will buy a hosting plan not more than $10 to $15 per year.

In case, you are unable to find a good hosting plan at this price range. You can contact me and I will arrange for you.

Content writing

Content writing is the thing you need to do it yourself. Though you can hire writers but doing it yourself will be fun job for you.

You are not supposed to write world class epic content. Just write what came to your mind naturally.

You talk to your spouse, kids, friends and colleagues daily. Convert that conversations, tips and suggestions to writing article.

Keyword research

It is a bit advance thing. You need not to worry about it. But if you want to learn, just go and check a video about it on youtube.

You can find keywords from google instant suggest, google related searches and google keyword planner.

Other good but free tools are ubbersuggest , keywordtool-io and keyword shitter.

Decide niche / topic of your blog

You need to decide your niche or blog topic which is super important. Though, you can start a general blog. But still you need to be specific. If you are a Gardner , cook  or accountant, you can write about your daily job or interests.

Create graphics for blog post

Blog without graphics and images may not be appealing to anyone. You need to use images in your blog post. You find royalty free images from Unsplash-com and Freepik-com. You can edit and customize these images with the help of Canva-com a free tool.

Post on daily basis

Posting on daily basis can grow your blog super-fast. Write something daily about anything you want. But consistency is very important.

What to write?

You need to write about those things which are interesting to you. That is the simplest formula. If you are going to write about things which are not interesting to you, you may feel overwhelm and leave everything. You can write on foreign topic after some experience.

Writing daily is not possible?

If you are not able to write daily, you can write one day 7 post for whole week and schedule it for rest of the week.

Write one day and schedule it?

I know there are tons of responsibilities sometime you may not feel writing. You can use this technique.

Share on social media?

If your blog is new, you need to share what you have written on social media. It is very necessary. You will get free traffic from social media. No need to worry about search engine optimization at this point.

Writing is boring, speech to text

If writing is seems boring to you, you use speech to text for free on Google docs and dragon(speech to text software) is paid one.

Create your own brand?

Be authentic and real person. Share what you know and become authority in your field.

Provide content writing service?

You can sell content writing service in your niche after posting some successful blog post. Content writing is evergreen field and there is always need of content writers. There are abundance of content writer but you will rarely find field specialist.

Sell you own product?

You can create and sell your products because you are an authority. You can create t-shirts, mugs, eBooks, courses and other products.

Share your experiences

If you are stuck and have no content ideas, you can start with your life experiences. You can share about your friendships, cars, travel, jobs and much more.

How much it cost?

Blogger, wordpress and wix is free but you need just a domain.

If you want to start with free domain, then blogger and word-press is the best place to start.

Hope so it will not cost more than $20.

If you are unable to manage in this budget, you can freely contact me and I will handle the rest for you.

Is it easy to start a blog?

Starting blog is not rocket science. It is easy but for some reason if you not able to do it and you can contact me and I will surely help you.


In this modern world, you need your own blog.

If you are someone who want to share stuff with people around the world, Blog is the easiest possible way to share your ideas and work with the world.

You can convert blog into a great source of income and make money out of it easily.

Other monetization options are affiliate commissions and brand collaborations.

If you have any idea, suggestions or tip and want to make this article super useful , share with me in person or comment below.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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