Why creating your own products is necessary

Why creating your own products is necessary

It is almost everyone’s’ desire to have their own products or service.

Creating product might be easy for you.

It took more than 20 years for Google to achieve the rank of top search engine.

It didn’t mean to say, go and create your own search engine.

New ideas

Ideas are good but working on them is most important.

Chances are, you are like most people, having tons of ideas in their mind and doing nothing with it.

Remember one thing, if you are not going to work on your ideas, someone will work on it.

Ideas are cheap. Working on them is super important.

If you think your idea is super unique, you are wrong.

Almost everything is created but there is still space for new people to come and show their magic.


Personal products

I am strong advocate of personal products. I want to have my personal service, product, or app etc.

Digital products are easy

As compare to physical products, digital products are very easy. You don’t need too much resources and experience. And there is little competition as compared to real world.

New website / blog

If you are already using a service, you know how to improve it. Go for it. You can create your personal brand also.

Why not create a clone of amazon and ali-Express in your country?


There is always need of good people in services industry.


In this digital world, everyone is looking for apps, if you can create an app with amazing feature. Don’t get late.

Transform international apps according to your culture and environment. Create a local version of apps.


Tools make our job easier. If you are already using a tool or have idea to make new or improve a tool. Just start working on it.

Desktop app

World is moving to web based apps or mobile apps. But there is still plenty of space for desktop apps. You can improve the already existing apps or create new one.

Web apps

The best thing about web based app is , its usage. You can use it anywhere, no matter what. You can use it on windows, mac, Linux, android and Ios.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are growing business. Every new company is looking for developers.


The backbone of every mobile and web app is API. Without a good api you not be able to survive.

PLR articles

You can sell PLR articles, if you are good at writing.


eBooks are in demand now a day. Physical books are becoming rare. Why not write your own manual or book. And sell it.

Video course

You can create video courses also. There is good example of code with mosh, Andrew and MAX.


It’s another way to build your brand.

Audio books

Amazon audible and headway is the example of audio books popularity. You can create your local language audio books.

Amazon kindle

No need of searching for publishers. Amazon kindles and gumroad is your friend for self-publishing.

Improving services

You can improve existing services like bringing all the nurses to a digital platform like uber and ola.

Tweaking services

You can find a way to render the old services.


You can write short stories and fantasy novels.

Non fiction

You can write cook books. You can write step by step procedure of your niche.


You need a product in the form book, website or app to be published. It is now up to you what you want to do in your spare time.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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