Graphic designer life, my experience

Graphic designer life, my experience

Life of graphics designer may not be easy. Graphics design is art form and not science. So everyone has his own choice. You like something and someone reject the exact same art.

You need to very passionate if you want to become a graphics designer.

Preparation before starting any graphics work

Graphics creation may not be difficult; you can use any free or paid tool. The difficult part is coming up with idea.

If you have done your homework very well then it might be super easy. Otherwise the result may be undesirable.

Create t-shirts

If you are in an industry, you know the ins and outs of that industry. You know the inside jokes of that industry. You can create a powerful t-shirt with message, quote or memes printed on it.

How to create thumbnails

The important thing before designing any artwork for yourself or working designer is your preparation.

You should know what your graphics looks like. You should have an idea before hiring a designer.

Otherwise you both will suffer and at the end you will get too much stress.

How to create vectors

Vectors are scalable art form which can be easily printed even on billboard , size doesn’t matter.

Vectors are highly in demand. Vector are created with the help of illustrator, coreldraw or inkscape.

Gifs & memes creation

You can create gifs from a video. Cut a portion from a movie or game recorded live stream. And convert it into gif and share on instagram.

Other option is creating a gif from scratch. You have a concept in mind and you have images and script. You can use Photoshop or aftereffects and convert it into a gif easily.

Premium Quotes

Quotes are powerful source of inspiration. Most of the quotes are copyright free. You can use it but not with your name under it.

You can design quotes in beautiful format and use it anywhere i.e hang it in your room or office.

You can make business out of it.

Canva & picmonkey on graphics tool

Canva is very famous online tool. You can use the basic version for free.

You can create info-graphics, poster, banners, thumbnails and business cards etc.

Things you can’t do with canva

It is pixel based online tool.

You can’t create vector graphics

You are limited to jpg, png, pdf formats

You are can’t download ai, eps, cdr, svg, psd, gif etc

Online graphics sites

Canva, design bold, crello, visme, pixlr, stencil, snappa, design board, adobe spark and Picmonkey are online tools for graphics design.

Background removal sites

Background removal may not be easy if you are an amateur designer.  You can use photoshop to remove background and second option is remove-bg online tool.

Remove-bg is one of the online tools where you can easily remove background from your images automatically.

PNG is actually transparent format and you can overly it on videos and use it as watermark. But png file are not transparent.


If you are designer who is comfortable with canva and create stunning graphics on canva, believe me you are not a professional graphics designer. Yes, read right.

You need to learn professional software if your goal is to become a graphics designer.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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