The One And Only Reason to Run a Solution-Based Blog

Running a blog is always the fun-oriented and hitting the maximum excitement level.

Having the domain name and the web hosting plan ready, this process is entirely and fully excited one.

The heart beats are up! Thoughts evolving all around the mind and that is increasing the excitement to hit the farther level of senses as it reaches close to the final stage of getting and setting up the blog.

But that is not just all of the important stuff to run a blog with, a simple blog.
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You NO need an ordinary blog

say no to blog

This is the time, the prime time to NOT remain simple.

The world needs so much… And that too from you.

As the information is overloaded and the problems being very severe by the time, it is definitely in NO NEED to remain simple at all.

Hit a solution and NOT the problem

hit solutions not problems

Be known of the fact that this world is full of problem.

You pick a thing and that should have to be only and only the solution.

For let’s say, you are more inclined towards reading, talking, and writing about the global warming.

You read, absorb, and spread what you think and what you know.

But that has not to be focused over ‘WHY’ but ‘HOW’.

So that makes… You are not only to be bound for writing WHY there is the global warming BUT you should be more worried and focused over HOW to deal with the global warming.

That HOW is what you are up with the weapon of the ‘solution’.

This HOW will get you to explore the global warming from the different angel.

Solution actually helps.

The ONE and ONLY reason to run a solution-based blog

one and only one reason to run blog

And that equals to choosing one topic first.

But get me first, please…

The only reason to rung a solution-based blog SHOULD NOT be only about earning the money out of preaching that solution.

Yeah, the money is not always the only reason to do anything.

Even though I am not denying the fact that how important is the money, but counting the results based on only the money will take you nowhere close to running a good solution-based blog.

So… Leave the money put aside for the moment.

Then getting the global warming as your primary one topic; this problem exists and seems cannot be fixed if not forever, but does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

I am taking Global Warming > Pollution as the exemplary one target topic with the theme of “travellers”.

You can do with that Global Warming  > ‘Pollution’ solution-based blog;

  • Advice how to travel to the pollutive countries.
  • Generally advised medicines to deal with pollution.
  • Countries lingering with heavy pollution AND to avoid on that time.
  • Which places/cities to visit in the pollutive country/countries.
  • Best practices to stay safe and healthy during the pollutive times.
  • The coming forecast of pollution data for the countries/cities.
  • How to keep your eyes to not soar, turn red, and stop running the water out of them.
  • The ways to deal with the bad flu.
  • How to deal with the heatwave.
  • Ways to get used to of the heat if it is not what you are habitual of?
  • Which vegetables to eat to kill off the dehydration?

And anything and everything which you can think of having the pollution.

See that… these much content you can easily hit and go with for your solution-based blog.

With that blog, we are not cursing anyone to add up the global warming around the earth (and we do not really have to though this is the immense and the worrying sign the earth is facing at the moment) and we are focusing only and only over providing the solution to the people living and travelling to the pollutive places/cities/countries.

Some more example of running the solution-based blog

solution based blog

When it comes the need of running a blog with the core topic of “internet marketing”, this means your content can be free to premium.

What I meant by free, is to provide the helpful content that is directly solving the people’s problem related to their internet marketing needs.

And then I meant by premium content, the people’s problems are getting solved with the need of buying the;

  • Physical products.
  • Virtual products.
  • And the paid content (courses, paid webinars, mentorship, etc.)

You can mix both of the free and premium content types to solve the people’s problems.

The ultimate goal for you and me is of course, to provide the solution to the people’s problems.

More to add…

more about blogging

Going after the problem-based even minor or greater ones, this kinda of the mentality will ruin your thought process.

What you need is to be made of solution-based. Make your thoughts and mind to accept and be the solution oriented one — to help the community.

Whatever you do with your blog. How you operate it. And how the time goes with you. You need to be only making your blog the only solution-based blog.

There are many… so many blogs out there but let them be. Let them do what they want to do.

But you are only answerable of your own blog that you got.

Leave the money matter aside and craft the content that is hitting the every angle of the solution.

Hitting the finishing line…

hitting the finishing line

Now that the time is nearing the end of the story.

But that story should NOT really end in the morality.

After the end, there should be the beginning of one thing; the solution-based blogging.

Choose any one topic. What industry it is from; you should NOT care for it.

All you gotta to DO is to make and build the solution-based blog only.


hitting the finishing line

Hmmmm well…

What I need is just your feedback, thoughts, and reviews about this whole solution-based blog content. 🙂

Please, share it all with me. I am very sure you would like the overall content about this one important piece of advice to employ for your blogging growth.

And definitely I will be more than pleased to know of how you run the solution-based blog AND how it is really benefiting you in the real life.

Share everything! 🙂



Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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