Guest Posting – Why It Is Your Avid Blogging Lifeline

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I know we have to be certainly diversified when it comes the need of running the blog.

The reason is entirely based upon one single statement; you cannot really run a blog without having the different type of approach.

Whether it is to go with the simple and routine-related tasks which everyone is up to… but.

But… different approach. Remember it. That different approach.

Not having this one be as your blogging weapon, you are just like one another blogger in the crowd.

And what I want you to be; a blogger with the different approach.

Be anything simple. Be them just the general. Or be the known tactics of everyone.

Be the very different in every case.
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Guest posting

guest posting

What you know of the guest posting?

Contacting people to post your written content on their blogs.

And for the one good reason; to promote your own blog.

Yeah, that is just it.

This the general and the simplest approach that most people decide to go with when it really comes to asking for the guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting as your avid blogging lifeline


In many cases, that is the good to go approach; simple and with the general way to move forward.

But… do you imagine of the result before shooting the guest posting proposal?

If you cannot imagine the expected result, you are not prepared to actually even think about it.

And I am not forcing you to predict the result before even sending the proposal. No, please.

When I say the guest posting is your avid blogging lifeline, your approach should be totally different from the generality.

Let me explain in deep…

let me explain in deep

Running a blog is just like a physical business.

It will take (and certainly takes) a lot of time with continuous effort to grow.

Grow from low…

And that requires no hard-hitting from the day one.

Because you cannot really go past and it will just destroy everything.

Confirmed results OR expected results are two different type of the results and you have to be with the latter type of the result; expected results.

Having this in your radar, you are expectedly set to go in the right direction from the very beginning.

And the guest posting comes (and should) so late in the action.

Before asking, give

before asking give first

Yeah, asking and only asking without giving, this strategy would not land you so close to the expected results and will die down right in your imagination if you had thought and framed it.

Just like having the domain name and web hosting do not qualify you to call yourself a blogger, the guest posting is taken as the same.

The right method to game the guest posting

First off, build your blog surrounded with your avid and best interest.

Be something. Be called out the blogger of THAT ‘something’ first.

When you are up to that mark, you are so easy in asking for the guest posting opportunities and your imaginations are somewhat turned out to become the ‘expected results.’

You hit 10 guest posting proposals, you are given about 3-4 opportunities which is too good, of course. They are exactly about 30 percent to 40 percent expected results falling towards the confirmed results.

But be very much clear about working your ass off around the expected results and that will give you the enough boost and the motivation to keep going.

Being only concerned and bound to the confirmed results, sorry to say, will kill off your interest.

Okay, so;

  • Make a good blog.
  • Have it one-topic centered and provider of the solutions to the issues.
  • Work it up for good continuous effort.
  • Notice everyday how you are doing.
  • Network with the people (highest-ever recommended step!) through social media, blog commenting, and with your own content to mention them (this has to be looked as the natural and not feel like an artificial tactic (or the step))
  • Keep going.
  • And then start slow with sending the guest posting proposal.

Once you become the good helping hand to the few (and more) bloggers, you have already won their trust and have yourself portrayed as the one original and genuine blogger, you are so ready to ask for the guest posting.

But… there is still one more thing to remember by heart as well.

When you get to win the guest posting opportunity, your content should be (and really should be) what your fellow blogger has.

The great content will certainly allow you to grab the great interest by the vast league of the readers, and any promotion from your friend (the fellow blogger) is set to win your great round of applause (and of course, more guest posting opportunities.)

Be it not your SELF PROMOTION, please. Do not do that, please.

I must tell you a fact that anything good you do on the internet, it is always rewarded best by the people and is definitely noticed not today but tomorrow.

And anything bad or un-interesting stuff done on the internet, it is so ready to bring the bad name.

Well, wait for a minute!

wait for a minute

Are you only after GETTING the guest posting opportunities?

Buddy, nope.

We should NOT be up to only progressing for our own self.

The need is to equally give back to what you earned.

And your blog is then your best asset to give back to the community.

Your blog can be a fruitful result-giver to other fellow bloggers.

And when you are NOT set to actually become an ordinary guest blogger for others, you are rightful in receiving the best content out of other fellow bloggers, as well.

That too with the simple, understandable, and digestible terms and conditions.

Even if the need arises to throw and ignore away some even-the-easy terms and conditions, you should do it without a single wink.


Help first to get first.

Do not shoot for availing the opportunities from the very first day.

Guest posting is not dead, but it gets to be dead with the cold proposals that are not aimed to generate results for you.

Work it up to reach to that certain point where you have higher chances of winning the expected results of actually winning the guest posting opportunities.

Concluding part.

blog post concluding

Though it is not filled with all technical details to create the guest posting BUT I had a feeling to follow all the moral and ethical ways to get the guest posting for you AND to why it is real important for you to live the healthy blogging life.

No matter what I skipped or what I added in here, my core reason was indeed to highlight the real importance of the guest posting.

Really do not throw this idea all away, guest posting is indeed recommended AND an important blogging element

Your turn then!

your turn then

Okay, so.

I seek for your thoughts and all of the feedbacks on this blog post that you have.

And do want to know how you go with the guest posting process; from targeting to sending the proposals to deliver. 🙂

But all in all, guest posting is needed AND is very beneficial for sure.

Enjoy to its fullest then! 🙂


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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