I believe one thing that is clearly said by the thousands and even the million of the people…

About social media is…

It is one time wasting thing.

Heard from my home. Heard it out of my home.

And even heard the same from so many folks who even know how good and advantageous the internet is.

Yeah, it could be… somewhat the right statement that can easily fit to the masses but in the reality, the real face is totally different AND can become way different easily.

Social media and time wastage?

dont waste your time with social media

Okay… social media is the best tool to get acquainted and be into the circle of the people that are not living close to you.

It has the great ability to connect you with the different nations, cultures, and the civilizations.

No matter wherever you live in the world, you can become a good friend that is living in the exact far corner than you.

So, doing this all day long is not a big and good job.

Ultimately, that is getting your time wasted and you may not even notice it for a second.

While the time your eyes are taken aside from the screen after wasting a complete one hour, you will rather feel excellent and complete.

That is the natural instance that happens with almost 99 percent times.

The One Topic Blogging To Become Nothing to Authority Blogger

Why then social media is not really the time wasting activity for you?

Why then social media is not really the time wasting activity for you


The things that are not productive for you in terms of earning and exploring, that should be labelled as the time wasting activity as soon you get it to be seen..

If you do so (staring and wasting the time) while looking at the mobile screen, or not putting in your full self around the people you are surrounded with.

You are set to just waste the time and nothing at all.

The conversation that is happening and you are into the middle of that conversation, not only you are wasting the time BUT the person’s confidence is blown aways as well.

You need social media for;

  • Business
  • Network
  • Explore

Use it just for the purpose.

Business wise…

You own a skill? Product? Service? Or anything you are set to sell virtually or physically.

Your potential buyers and the clients are already there.

Not only the required action is to get the virtual services or products to be sold with your efforts but, like I said earlier, the physical products are easily tried to be sold online.

Work it off and good to make your social media accounts a trusting name to win back the former clients plus the new ones.

Always it is encouraged to reach out to the people. Being the social media platforms, the people are very open to share their problems in regards to the things/products they may find not-compatible to what they expected.

Jump then. You should jump right into the conversation and be the sorrow-listener for them, and politely get to offer your service.

So definitely the social media is all about the business. You need to just reach to the people.

Network wise…

There is a common saying that “Your network is your net worth.”

You are using the social media platforms, alright?

And your motive is to be connected with the people and that too, to run your business.

What you actually need is the like-minded people as you and your business.

Yeah… Maybe you are not set to sell your things out to every single person you got connected with BUT it is to be shown to the world that you are what you preach, and what you say.

And that you are surrounded with the real relevant folks. That shines your worth. 🙂


By using the social media platforms and you are just the new entrant, it should be your ultimate goal to explore everything out there of the social media platforms.

Understand how it works and how good and effectively it would help you in getting you grown and be ready to increase your network and pave the way to start with your business-to-be-soon.

So, be the social media explorer! 🙂

Explore it from up to down, and from the very right to the very left.

No more time wasting NOW?

No more time wasting NOW

Believe me, please.

It is really NOT unless you just operate it to be the total time wasting stuff.

Doing anything off the social media platforms and that in the excessive format, it will definitely waste the big chunk of your time and on the daily basis.

Learn then…

learn then

Learn that what you are set to learn.

Business, network, and explore. These three of the learning branches will make you to even love browsing the social media platforms.

As these all three learning branches are different from each other, that then gives you the great learning edge to enjoy and consume the social media for.

Minimize the usage of social media

Minimize the usage of social media

Whether you are to waste your time (hopefully you should not get over that scenario) OR to learn the business, network, and explore the social media platforms; you should minimize and limit the social media’s usage time.

After all, you are into the business and you need the good focused time to get everything done in the timely fashion.

So… Spend the social media time to get back to the things that are needed for your business to continue.

Instead you check over the fact that how the social media is helping you to grow. Analyze that part for good.


final words

So my good friend! What? 🙂

Sitting in front of the laptop or the mobile phone and have opened the FaceBook, let’s say, and…

One hour gone…

Two gone…

And…. Then three hours are gone.

Yeah, hours and hours are gone.

And it is not even noticed for the slightest.

Then that is the alarming sign. The red sign that you have to urgently fiddle with.

Instead spend the limited time and all productively.

Over to you then!

Over to you then

My first and the only advice; take advantage of social media.

And do let me know with your best thoughts, and the feedback about this blog post.

So waiting for it.

Let me know how you are NOT wasting your time on social media?

Hit me in the comments!



Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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