Branding package for local market

Branding package for local market

Working in local market as compare to international market and freelancing sites might not be easy.

But I have ideas how to work in local market. It is easy to work with international clients.

Problem might face in local market

Working in local market, can lead to some problems which are given below.

Low budget

Buyers, customers don’t have enough budget and they need international quality work. They need too much revisions and extra work. And leg pulling is by product: P.


Working with GOV or NGO can lead to commissions and bribe. No one is willing to award you a project without a bribe or commission.

Hire false profiles

You might be asked to hire some profile in your project who knows nothing, totally useless, just to give them jobs.

Services demand in local market

Facebook page

Small & large Businesses, schools, colleges, offices need an FB page with complete setup. Creating a page and managing it are two different things.


Local businesses & offices need promotion on instagram also. Instagram is one of the growing social media site. Images, videos and memes are very popular content on instagram.


Sharing and promoting your work/business on twitter might attract some clients. Though twitter is considered a text only platform but you can find some buyers there.

YouTube video

YouTube is very important for any business. It might be small or large scale business. Sharing video content can take your business to next level.

You not just need a channel. You need a complete setup for it. You need a good camera and mic also.

Also need someone to write script for you.

Intro & outro

Your videos need intro and outro. So it is also need. Also other animations are necessary for videos.

Logo design

Quality logo is must for any business. It is the first thing you need for your business. It can distinguish an amateur brand from mature business.

Business cards

If you are a small shop owner or big, It doesn’t matter, visiting card are super important for you. Visiting card with a great design, and your work details printed on it are super important for you.


You need letterheads for official work. Want to create a bank account or close a business deal. You need a letterhead.


You need to provide invoices to every customer. So it is very important for you.


For business promotion you need brochures and leaflets.

Content for website

Without content you can’t survive in online world. You need to create on daily basis for social media accounts, websites and blogs.


You online presence is very important if you want to survive in this digital world and post pandemic situations.


Blog is the good place to share & brag about your product. You can share news, case studies and tutorials. You can start a Q/A session with your customers also. Convert visitors to permanent buyers.


Mobile apps are very popular now days. You need a mobile app to connect with your customers.


Branding package for local market

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TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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