Want to create your own t-shirts ?

Want to create your own t-shirts ?

Vista print is an amazing site. You can create t-shirts from your design. You need a t-shirt idea first.

If you already have an idea, then just design it.

Are you a company of good number of employees? You can create t-shirt for your workers and team-mates also.

If you are unable to find any idea, I have some ideas for you.

You can create generic t-shirts

If you are a pubg gamer, you can create one tshirt, keeping in mind pubg

Are you a social media, youtube or tiktok celebrity? You can create and sell to your fans.

If you are an engineer, you can create one related to engineering.

How to find design ideas?

Pinterest is your best friend, if you t-shirt ideas. You can search pins.

You can research around already created t-shirts and modify it according to your need.

You can improve existing t-shirts.

You use Google to find t-shirt inspirations

You can create t-shirt around your passion

Are you passionate about cooking? You can create one easily

How to design t-shirts?

You can create basic t-shirt yourself i.e. text based t-shirts.

Do you have logo of your blog or business? You can use it for t-shirt.

You can hire a designer who can design a t-shirt for you.

If you are starting out, your t-shirt ideas, no need to hire a very expensive designer. You can hire an average one.

If you are doing it yourself or hiring someone, don’t forget to ask for png, transparent file.

Other file formats like jpep or jpg may not work for tshirt priting.

T-shirt printing sites

You don’t need to print tshirt at your home.

There are plenty of sites which you can use for print on demand.

Tshirt printing is very very vast business. There are too many players in the market.

Here is a list of some great sites for printing your shirt

Vista print

You can use vista print to create customize t-shirts of your choice. You can select the size you need.


You have a custom design idea, you can create a store one redbubble and sell your shirts.


Teesprng is one of the beginner friendly sites where you upload your design and teespring will handle the res for you.


Sunfrog has all features listed above. If you don’t want too sell tshirts? You can just sell your tshirt graphics also.  Upload your design and sunfrog will promote and sell it for you.


If you have created a store on shopify or etsy. Printful is your best friend. You can printful as a print on demand partner.

Promotion of your tshirt

The difficult part of any new product is selling the actual product. You can sell your shirt after promoting it on social media sites like Facebook’s and instagram.

You can run facebook ads and sell your shirts. Facebook ads may need some initial budget to run your ads. Then you reinvest what you have earned through selling your shirts.

If you have a good YouTube channel or good Facebook page, you can use it to sell your print on products.


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