Fiverr Good & Bad, My experience

I don’t need to tell you what fiverr is. Working on fiverr is easy as compared to other sites.

Note: Everything I wrote in this article is my point of view. You can disagree with it.

Beginner friendly

It is very beginner friendly and any one can start working on it after creating profile. They encourage new seller to start selling.

Communication skills

You need to have good communication skills, besides your main skill.

Skill is must

You should have some kind of skill. It can be anything.  Without skill you might not survive longer.

Gigs de-ranked without reason

There is chance that your gig performs very well at start. Then it gets de-ranked by fiverr after a month or so. Fiverr algorithm is like this. You can’t do much about it.

Gigs deleted and just say sorry if you provide proof

Some time you get copy right claim on your thumbnail or profile image. They remove your gig from search result.

When you file dispute they might ask for source file. After uploading source file and get reviewed.

They will tell you. Your gig is deleted and can’t be recovered. You can create new one.

Buyers can cheat you

Good and bad people are everywhere. But on fiverr the ratio is little high. Almost everyone has experienced the order cancellation without reason. Because buyer  has used stolen credit cards to purchase your gig.

Account can be blocked any time

Your account can be blocked without any reason. You need to wait for 90 days to get your fund cleared and account permanently disabled.

Support good & bad

Most of the time bots will send you a generic reply. If I say their support is for buyer only, it was true some time ago. Now it is shit for both buyers and sellers.

Too much service charges

They will charge dollars 3 from buyers and dollar one from seller on the name of support. But you will get nothing but shit.

Without CPC ads may not be able to get order

You are old seller. You can get orders with the help of cpc. Otherwise you gig will be buried in search result graveyard forever.

In simple words, You need to pay to get new orders and find your gig in search result.

Very small gigs

As you know, there is high competition because it is beginner friendly site. People are willing to sell a website for $5. You can imagine. So you may not earn too much if you are going to sell everything for $5.

Fiverr shouldn’t be your main income stream. Otherwise you will die for sure.

Very small projects

Some old buyer mentality is even worse. They need everything for $5.

Some buyer may be disrespectful

Some buyer can get disrespectful and they need extra work. And worst case they can blackmail and cheat you. They will post negative review on your profile which is sometime not good.


Quality of work and the time you spend and the return you get, might not be very motivating. But this is not always true.

You need more than one income streams if you are a freelancer on shit sites like fiverr.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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