What to do after learning illustrator?

What to do after learning illustrator?

If you have learnt basics of adobe illustrator, Now it is time to earn from the skill you learnt.

I know you might not be considering yourself as authority and don’t have any confidence to work with buyers. But believe me you have learnt a million dollar skill.

You can do tons of things with adobe illustrator.

Here are some of the fields which you can explore easily if you know basics of adobe illustrator.

Vector tracing

Conversion of design from raster to vector format, it is one of the super easiest ways to earn some quick bucks. You can redesign the existing stuff made in illustrator.


You can improve upon a design and convert the already design to a better one.

T-shirt design

You can create basic or complex t-shirts. You can use quotes, popular slogans & lines and beautify into proper design.


One of the growing market area. Everyone one need proper catchy thumbnails for channels.

Blog-post images

Blog owner need new and creative images for their blog post on almost daily basis.

Videos elements

Video without graphics is nothing. A videographer can animate these graphics and create useful effects.

UI design

You can create a UI for mobile apps and websites in illustrator.

Stock Vector art work

Do you need some extra passive income? Design once and produce money forever. You need to explore vector stocks. Popular sites like shutter stock and freepik are in need of graphics designer who can create stunning graphics.


Conversion of boring information into useful info-graphics is the art of a graphic designer. Take a bunch of boring data and create a useful and readable graphics out of it.

Business cards / visiting cards

Visiting cards is the need of almost anyone in any industry. They may be doctors, teachers, tire shop, flower shop, computer repair etc.

Invitation cards

Invitation cards are needed every now and then. You need invitation cards for parties, functions, conferences etc.


Website, blog, e-store owner needs a logo for their brand. It is the first thing; we all do before starting any business.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is in demand industry. Every new product needs some solid design.

Book cover

Special thanks to self-publishing & digital book stores, every writer is looking for a book cover.

Book design

Like book covers, book design is the need of writer. They need a designer to properly format a book for them.


Every business needs a flyer for their products. Students need flyer to display their work in exhibitions etc.


Want to promote your business offline , broachers are must for you.


Cloths brands, shoes brands & electronics products often need catalogs to present the products. Without catalogs their products might look weird.

Letter heads

Every business needs letterheads for official and non-official use. So it has great demand.


Normal CV created in MS Word is very boring. You can create a stunning CV with illustrator and highlight the important points.


One of the most amazing things , I can do after learning illustrator is creating illustration of new car model, human, plants and you name it. It is one of the joyful activity you can do for refreshment and money also.



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