Top 5 Good Eating Habits For Healthy Living

5 good eating habits

There are many people out there who have tried lots of diet plans and they did not get the expected results and they got disappointed. If you are one of them then you should not worry about your diet plans, to get the results. If you want long term results then you should change your eating habits, rather than making changes in your diet plan. You will have to stick to the healthy eating habits so that there will not be any issue later in life.

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Do not get disheartened as we are going to talk about 5 good eating habits so that you can change your lifestyle and get expected results. You will not have to leave your favorite foods and restrict yourself to all the raw foods and the diet plans. As you should not limit intake of food, this can cause you weakness, both physically and mentally. You will feel lethargic, tired and low energy and you will not be able to make healthy food choices. Why to do so? Why not eat healthy and get the desired results with the food of your choice?

How to change a bad habit

This is the good news right?

Indeed! So, you should follow these healthy eating habits, you will get your goals and you will also have lots of energy and you will enjoy doing this. You will also get long term results by developing those habits and you will not have to face any kind of trouble later in life. You will carry these habits for the rest of your life and thus you will stay healthy for your lifetime.

Let us now check out these 5 good eating habits, so that you can start following them right away:

  1. Frequent Snacks with smaller meals

As you know that normally we have 3 meals a day, in which we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no issue in carrying those meals, but what you need to change is you should get these meals smaller and start having snacks in between the meals. What is this going to do? Well, this will help your body, to digest more calories and you will eat efficiently.

If you are having a larger meal then what your body is going to do? It will have to burn all that energy from that meal and it will not help you get all the calories, thus resulting in fat stored in your body.

If you are getting the smaller meals with snacks then you will tune your body to digest and use all the calories which are needed. It will not store the bad fat in your body and thus helping you to lose some extra weight.

  1. No liquid Calories

If you want to maintain a healthy diet then you should stay away from all the bad calories that are in the form of liquid calories as liquid calories are not recommended anyway. For example, you should not have all these drinks, coffee and tea with sugar, energy drinks, fruit juices and soda etc. They will get you a very high sugar with a minimum amount of fibers, minerals and vitamins. These are known as empty calories drinks, which you should not use in any case. These will be digested more quickly than any other thing and again you will get the extra fat stored in your body which is of course not good.

  1. Never skip your meals

You have to keep this thing very clear in your mind that you will not lose weight by skipping your meals.

Surprised huh?

Do not get surprised, let us tell you why doing this is not good and will not help you lose your weight. It is a common belief that by skipping meals we can reduce the calorie intake which will result in losing some pounds, but this is not true. It actually can do the opposite to your body which is going to damage your body for the long term.

If you are the one who is continuously skipping breakfast or any other meal of the day, then you should immediately stop doing that. We get to know by studies that all those people who skip any of their meal will overeat during all the other meals which is of course not healthy and get you more calories. Again by eating large meal will get your body to digest all this extra energy and will result in extra fat. So, you should start having the meal you were skipping earlier so that you can get the proper calories.

There is this state called as catabolic state which will appear when you are skipping breakfast, in this state your body will start breaking the muscle tissues in your body to get energy to survive.

Scary right?

So, stop skipping meals.

  1. What about a cheat day?

Okay now this sounds interesting right? A cheat day in a week, how about that?

If you are eating healthy all the week then you can get one off day where you can eat whatever you want. You even can have ice cream and junk food you love without counting on your calories.

But wait!

One cheat day does not mean that you will go crazy and will eat enough for the whole month with intake of ten thousand calories. You should not go crazy and just have enough of your favorite foods which you feel is not excessive for a single cheat day.

If you are maintaining this cheat day well, then you can have it the next week as well. If you are not then you will not get a cheat day in the next week. Okay?

  1. Learn Cooking

Sounds weird?

What does learning to cook has to do with this healthy eating habits?

Well, when you know how to cook then you will not use ready to eat or processed meals, rather you will make your own healthy foods. There are many ingredients which are not good for your health in the already processed foods. In this way you will get to have all the healthy food and will have a full control over your body.

You should follow all the above mentioned healthy eating habits, and you will see the long term results coming your way!

Happy eating!

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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