How to clean ceramic tile shower walls

This is a known fact that a bath tub or a shower which is not clean is not liked by anybody, and of course you are the one who does not like to take a bath in a dirty bath tub. We do not go to the same shower which has not been cleaned first, so how to tackle this issue?

It is clear that if you are here, you have problems with cleaning the ceramic tile shower walls. You must have faced a lot of issues due to this problem and you and the people around you might felt disgusted due to it.

Now, as that you are here, we will help you with this issue and you will be able to clean the ceramic tile shower walls like a professional. As far as the advice of the experts are concerned, it tells us that your shower will need a little cleaning daily and a detailed one, once in a week. When you are going to read this article you will see that cleaning the ceramic tile shower wall is more about prevention and less about cleaning them. You will be surprised after knowing this fact, but this is true, just stick to this article and you will get some misunderstandings clear.

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Let us have a look on the things you will have to do if you want your shower walls clean, here you go:

1.Keeping it dry

If you want the shower walls to be clean, with any germs, mildew, and mold, then you will have to keep it dry. Because of the fact that a damp and dry environment is known to be the perfect habitat for the growth of all these things, so when you will keep it dry then there are less chances of getting mold etc. Check out the tips on how to keep it dry and safe:

  • Mop all the water from the door, floor and the walls as well.
  • Make sure that there is no water left after mopping
  • You should wipe it again after a while so that the remaining water can be removed
  • You can use towel for this purpose
  • You should leave the curtain or door open so that there is a less chance of humidity there.
  • You need to mop the shower or you can dry it with sponge.

Follow these things, so that you can dry it properly.

2.The bath products

Now, you will have to check that your shower products are not causing the problems for your shower. Yes, this is true that some of the shower products can be a cause of adding to the shower problems, without you realizing that they are actually being a harm. For instance, the opaque bar soap will be the reason of leaving the soap scum behind so it will cause a problem later.

Now what can you do for this? Well, you can use the shower get or liquid body wash so that the soap scum will not be left behind. Leave all the products and start using the gel or the liquid products so that you can prevent the harm to happen.

The second product you need to check is the unusual color of the grout of the shower. If you notice that there is some unusual color then you will have to keep a check of your shampoo. As the shampoo can be a cause of this unusual color, green or pink. Now, what do you need to check in your shampoo?

Well, you need to check if there are any dyes in your shampoo, and if there are any, you should change it and buy the one with no dyes in it.

Third thing you will have to change is the placement of the liquids or bath products around the shower. It ca be the reason for growing mildew and slime around the shower so you should change its place. You should not keep them on the floor, you better place them on the shower caddy or shelf which does not have a hard bottom, so that you can get rid of the mildew or slime.

3.Is spraying helpful?

Keep one thing in mind that no matter how hard you try to remove the moisture, there must be some of it still there. How to deal with that?

In order to remove this moisture, you ought to spray the shower, at least three times a week. Of course for this purpose you will have to use distilled white vinegar with a few drops of the tea tree oil or a diluted shower cleaner. When you will do this you will see that there will not be any chances of the mold or mildew to grow there.

There is also eraser sponge with which you will be able to clean the shower wall tiles, floor and the door. You will not experience any kind of problems when you are using this, because they are free of all the harmful chemicals. What’s more to it? You can even use it while you are using the shower. Keep one thing in mind that you ought not to use bleach for your shower, as it is not good. It will give you fast results but in the long run these products are not good as they can discolor the things on which they are being used, so you should not be used.

There are grout seals available, you should use them and seal the grout so that you can prevent the mildew or slime to grow there. Moreover, you should clean the head of the shower as you will find minerals on it, blocking the water, thus it needs to be cleaned overtime.

End note

We hope that now you have cleared all your misunderstandings and you know how to clean ceramic tiles shower walls, and keep it hygienic. Just follow the above mentioned tips so that you will not have feel disgusting about your shower.

“Prevention is better than cure!”

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