Learning new skills fast, My experience

Learn new skills, my experience

Learning new skill is not difficult now days. Self-learning is super easy. You can join free and paid classes. You can follow a free or paid online course. You can hire an online or offline tutor. You can find free tutor by skill exchange.

What to learn?

First decide what do you want to learn? Is it content writing, video editing , new language, drawing, graphics designing , UI design, digital marketing or cooking?

Are you confused?

Are you confused and not able to decide what to learn? There might be some people like me who want to learn or try at least everything. Learning new thing is their hobby.

No one can tell you what you want to learn. There is not magical formula. No one can tell by looking at you, what is best for you. It is you, who will learn by experiment and exploring new skill.

Where to learn?

You have tons of options. Udemy, YouTube, skillshare, vimeo, dailymotion, coursera are all online options.

You can search and find free courses offered by your city & country government.

You can follow Facebook & whatsapp communities to find free courses offered by individuals.

Learning new skill idea

Though this not an issue for anyone. But let me list some ideas for you.

New in demand skill and courses are:

Data science, artificial intelligence, block chain & cyber security

Ever green skills:

SEO, content writing, coding, graphics design, Ui design, video editing , drawing and cooking much more

No motivation & inspiration

In my view it is due to two reasons:

  • Due to some sort of fear
  • You want to learn too much at once

How to practice

You are watching videos and attending classes too much. And don’t have time for practice. You will not last longer. Taking small steps every day is much better than not doing anything at all.

Show off for motivation

Let suppose you are learning cooking , you can invite your friends at home or going to their home is another idea if they are really good friends and available for feedback.

Second example, You are learning graphics design, you have learnt to design a business card or quote. You can share on social media.

Creating a video out of what you have cooked is an amazing idea.

How to work with real people

This is my most powerful weapon. I leverage the power social media platform to work with real people.

I have learnt to create website, logo or coding. I will through a Facebook post and offer a free service.

There are tons of people who need free work. They will teach you as well and you will able to find good friends also.

You can improve your work from feedback.

One biggest reason I suggest people to work with real people for free is motivation. We human are social and other people around us are our source of motivation.

Working in a dark room is not a good source of motivation.

Get testimonial & reviews

Testimonial is everything in this online world. Working on social media with real people will be a good chance to gather testimonial and use it in future if you have decided to offer paid service.


Learning new skill can take some time and effort. But if you are confused and don’t know what to learn and study. It will take some time to decide what to learn.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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