Story of an orphan boy who became a hitman of his master, loyal fan of his master

Story of an orphan boy who became a hitman of his master, loyal fan of his master

A boy who became a hitman

Who killed the enemy of his master?

He even killed his master son in law

He can do anything for his master and he was not guilty

He can do anything for his master

He was young and other object/goal in his mind

He don’t need a family and baby

He used to be very calm and peaceful

He know how to open fire and kill and run away for his master

He never demanded anything from his master

He has a normal dressing

He is super loyal to his master and his family

His mother died some day and his adopted and bring him up

He has no goal and objective, he only goal was to protect his master

He don’t anything form life

His day was used to be very strange, very busy

Get up and ready

Go with his master and serve him and protect him

Though he likes tea

He don’t have any addictions

He don’t want to marry

He was very good at physical work and has good brain also

Normally lower middle class is fucked up because they used to fed their child with afune and sleeping syrups

They are intelligent but their mother used to fed them with churse, doda and afune

Education is important for everyone.

It can be religious and about any skill, general science and arts

The master enemy decided to kill this boy

But they were not able to succeeded

They know without killing this boy, they will never kill the master

His master is expert of all illegal businesses

He can kill his rivals for money and business


At the end his daughter died

He was in jail due to his deeds with his son

He got indulge a young lady doctor

The hitman mom died when he just born

His mom was the servant of his master

He was the head of all his servants

He was naturally talented

His one distinguishable feature/khobi was his loyalty

He doesn’t need any money. He just needs one time meal

He has no ambitions

You can’t blame young boy because no one taught him what is good or bad

He just obey his master like a god

He only goal was to please his master

He loves his master



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