How to find your passion?

How to find your passion?

Working on your passion is very important. You spend most of your life working somewhere, either in office or your own business.

You spend less time with your family as compared to your job. You spend most of your life doing some job or business.

So you shouldn’t be wasting your life doing something which you hate the most. You seal your own boat and find your way through it.

What is your passion?

Your first goal in life is to find your passion. In case, you want to convert your passion, to your job. Working on passion is easy and joyful.

What do you like do?

There are something and activities which you like the most. You might like woodworking, drawing, painting, cooking, traveling, writing, blogging and so on. You need to test different things to find the best match for you. Make a list of things you like.

How can you earn from your passion?

Your number goal and criteria should be earning. Earning is super important. If you think earning is not important, you might be super rich or super careless.

Working on passion is profitable?

You need to find your passion which is profitable also. Only just loving something is not a good idea. They should provide you some financial benefits.

Have you acquired any skills?

You have studied something and / or you have polished your talent. Don’t think that you have no talent. You just don’t know what your talent is.

You can try different things and you will come to know after trial and error what is good for you or what are the things which you like the most or you are good at it.

What are your strengths?

You might be expert in something or you may like something very much.

Something you are naturally good at.

Some kids are so good at cricket and you might believe they are international players.

What are your weaknesses?

You might be not good at something at all. You may not like to do it. But don’t consider it your weakness.

What are the activities when you are fully absorbed?

Hope so there are some activities when you are fully absorbed and you can say time is stop for you.

You don’t want to quit that activity.

You like it so much that you want to do it all day long and don’t want to take break. And you are willing to do it for free.

Working in wrong field is very stressful. You may not use your full potential if you are working in inappropriate field.

You might be misbehaving with your colleagues and seniors.

If you are unable to find your desired field for long time. You can start a temporary business and start working on your passion or finding passion in your free time.

You need money to support yourself and meet and fulfill your expenses.


Your first job is to find and work on your passion. If you are working in wrong field, you should change your field as soon as possible.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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