Suggestions for Umar Kamal

Suggestions for Umar Kamal

Umar Kamal is the Pakistani professor and doctor. He is famous for selling biryani in his car. He has studied in LUMS, a famous Pakistani institute.

He and his wife Lubna are running a YouTube in the name of MANI’s KITCHEN.  Total 215 videos are posted on his channel.

He sells biryani on roads in Islamabad. He wants to start something which he does totally independently. So he came to food business.

He was a  development professional and fund raising expert. Now he wants to be a very happy person.

In this article I want to give some suggestion, if you want to follow him.

What is the better approach?

I appreciate what he is doing. But I think after getting some successful sale, can you start selling on digital platforms. He is not able to get too much profit. Though anyone need profits.

Can you use digital marketing?

After getting some good sales. If you have some extra money like around Rs.500 or $5. You can easily invest in Facebook ads. One of the best things you can do in life. FB ads will help you so much and increase your sales, hence your income.

You can slowly move to instagram ads and YouTube ads. You need to run ads when there is lunch time or dinner time. For example 12pm to 1 pm is the lunch time in offices. And people are free and they will order you buryani (special rice dish in India and Pakistan).

Can you create your own app?

You know about food panda. So there are other apps like uber, careem, bikeya and others which are providing different services. You can sell through your app also. People will order from you via your app.

Can you provide home delivery?

You are just selling on roads which is not easy and in your restaurant. But there is an option for you i.e. home delivery. You can provide home delivery service. Let suppose girls and women are usually not allowed to go outside. They can order your biryani and you can send parcel via courier service like bikeya & uber which can send food parcel also.

Create videos of foods

Create videos of the dishes you are selling in your restaurant and upload to instagram, Facebook and youtube. You can mention price etc and tell them why it is expensive and what oil you are using.

Provide cheaper option

People are strongly hit by corona and increase in day to day items. If you want to reach to common public. Don’t get me wrong but you need to decrease your quality. If you are using canola oil. Everyone can’t afford it. You can provide 2 options. One is normal oil and one is expensive.

Raw items for home cooking

You are selling only cooked food why not sells uncooked items, like half-baked Kabab and buyer will fry it in home.

Inspiration for other

He is the true inspiration for others. I don’t think it is an easy work. Buying or renting a restaurant in Islamabad is not easy. You need to handle too many things.


Some tip for improvement

Create proper thumbnails for videos

Don’t forget to write proper video description

Try providing a home delivery option

Why not start selling on social media?

Make use of digital marketing



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