Simple Calming Techniques for Anxiety|How to Calm Anxiety Attacks

You know what is the most important part when you are under an anxiety attack? That is to learn effective relaxation techniques from which you will be able to cop up with the anxiety and stress. Well, you should know that these techniques are not going to cure anxiety but when you are under an attack they can help you reduce the anxiety or stress and you can cop up with difficult situations. There are many techniques and procedures for you to follow and with their help you can cope up with all the stress you are having and due to which you were under an anxiety attack.

Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks

Most of the people do not believe that these simple techniques are going to work for them, but it is proven that these techniques actually work when you want them to work for you and relieve stress and anxiety. It only takes commitment and dedication from you and if you promise these two things, these techniques are surely going to work for you.

Simple Calming Techniques for Anxiety|How to Calm Anxiety Attacks

How to Calm Anxiety Attacks

How to Calm Anxiety Attacks

Follow the calming techniques for anxiety mentioned below and you will be able to cop up with stress:

  1. Count to ten while taking a long deep breath. Anxiety is a sudden attack and you need to take an immediate action to solve that problem, you need to forget the stress and start taking deep breaths so that you can take a better decision and wipe out the negative energy.
  2. Then you need to ask yourself a question that is the problem is really that much immense and bad as you were previously thinking it is. You need to ask yourself that are you overreacting to the situation you are under that is causing you anxiety attack? There must be a better way to solve the certain problem other than being under this attack. When you do this, you will realize that the problem is not that much bad and you can deal with it.
  3. You need to eradicate the things that are causing you this panic attack, and you can do this by dealing with the situation logically. In this way, you can reduce the effect of the situation on you.
  4. Exercise is the main key that keeps you strong and eventually will help you to cop up with certain hard situations. This is due to the fact that if your body is strong then your mind will be able to think better and you surely will not lose control over you.
  5. Well, another factor that is pretty much important is balanced and healthy diet. If you are taking proper nutrition then you can easily ward off such small attacks.
  6. You should quit smoking and drinking if you are habitual to these things. These bad things are a key factor to cause you anxiety attacks even if there is not a very big issue.
  7. You should listen to a CD that is having relaxing and soothing music in order to relax yourself when things are getting tougher and tougher.
  8. Getting good sleep will help you to have a better health and better health will help you to cop up with difficult situations. Getting good amount of sleep will help you refresh your mind and you will feel happy and relaxed all day long.

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After all, you will need to commit yourself to follow the techniques so that you can reduce the stress and anxiety. If you are not committed you will not be able to get the desired results. Only you can reduce your own anxiety and nobody else can do it for you. These things may need some time so that you will get used to it but if you are practicing it on daily basis, your body and mind will get used to it and it will become the part of your lifestyle. Then in case of any kind of emergency your body will trigger the breathing technique and eventually you will be out of that bad situation.

Self Calming Techniques Anxiety

Follow the below mentioned steps and practice it every day in order to make it a part of your lifestyle:

  1. First of all, close your eyes and start breathing calmly as you will notice that your breathing rate has increased under the anxiety attack. Try to breath slow with closed eyes, with the pattern of filling your stomach with air first, then chest and then exhale alternately. Hold the breath few seconds inside once you have inhaled and exhale it slowly. You need to inhale by your nose and exhale from your mouth as if you are trying to whistle. Get used to this type of breathing so that your body and mind will be ready under specific situations.
  2. Count backwards from ten to one, do not do this loudly but in your mind. Do this slowly so that you have more time and you will be breathing with a better pace. You need to do this until your mind is totally out of the stressful thoughts.
  3. You need to turn off the muscles of your body as in, try to relax all the muscles of your body. Start from your foot and imagine the stronger part and the weaker part and keep doing this until all the tense muscles of your body are relaxed. Try to relax your facial muscles as well, open your jaw slightly and close it without hurting yourself.
  4. For supporting the system mentally, you need to recall good memories that makes you happy and relaxed; this will help you to wipe away the bad thoughts causing you anxiety.

You can get out of any kind of panic/anxiety attack once you are following the steps mentioned above but you are not able to cop up with it or it worsens overtime, you should consult a therapist or doctor. But, if you are following the calming techniques for anxiety with full dedication and commitment you surely are going to get the positive results.

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