How to Pass a Test without Studying

Can you believe it even for a wink’s time?


Yup, that! To how to really pass a test without even studying?

It indeed is not less than merely an open challenge that you can give to yourself.

Something that sounds like it’s impossible to do… And even think of.

But believe me, that is NOT ENTIRELY impossible to act.

You can definitely pass a test without studying.

And I will tell you, and introduce you with the with the real exact steps to get you through.

Be with me and get to be KNOWN with the best steps that will allow you to pass any test without even studying.

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Ways to make you to pass the test without studying

  • Stop studying for GOD’s sake
  • Exercise
  • Pay attention in the class
  • Interact in the class
  • Sleep earlier
  • Learn without stress
  • Take notes
  • Listen to songs
  • Solve what you know, first

Stop studying for GOD’s sake

Even though giving the test all relates to studies and how well-prepared you are for your test but…

But… It has to be full-stopped to NOT study hard for your test just hours ago.

This way you would not learn anything but will bring the stress to your mind.

Instead study prior to the tests and in the normal way.

Prepare for the tests like a week ago and give in 1 or 2 hours everyday to it.

And when you feel you are good to deliver with the best, stop studying for the test and especially before the test day or just hours before the day.

Just like what I said, the stress will not let it to room in your mind but will effect on your memory as well.


Conduct the minutes long sets of exercise before test.

This way, your mind would be able to absorb the information which you would have learned in all these days to get prepared for the test.

Pay attention in the class

Instead what happens down here, do you know that?

Many classmates do not want to study a bit in the class.

They just spend the time doing random things and do not really focus much over what is happening around them.

You got to concentrate and focus in the class and take an interest in what is being studied to you.

That is the one and first best method to win the test without studying.

Do it in the class and you will notice the difference when the time comes for the test and you would feel that you already know all of it.

Not just it would help with passing the test without studying, but it would get you to let the time pass instantly.

With the focused mind during the class, you are being prepared to pass the test as well as the time going past with the faster pace.

Interact in the class

Ask questions.

Raise your hands.

And do anything about interacting during the class.

Mind it, that is going to enormously help you out to prepare and pass the test without studying for it.

Ask questions from your teacher which you do not know about certain sections of what is being studied to you and do not be afraid about it for a second.

Missed understand something, it is better to ask about it from the teacher THAN letting it pass and remain unknown and puzzled about the missing part.

Sleep earlier

No need to take stress.

Just take the sleep earlier in the night prior to the day of test.

That ensure you wake up fresh and can swiftly review the book for one last time in the morning.

But I said, no stress you should take for the test, please.

Learn without stress

If you are stressed or tensed, you are not going to do anything and achieve something.

But believe in the fact that, the test is just a test and it would not kill you.

You should remain as a normal human being who listens, reads, and understands.

Make control over your own self and see how things change for real.

Take notes

While being in the class, it is better to start taking notes of what you are studying and what is being taught down to the class.

With it, your mind sets to recall the context of the notes in time when you start writing in your test.

Taking notes are extremely helpful and that proves that you are totally serious about your studies.

Not just you but your taken notes can help out your friends too.

So, be very aware of what is going in the class, what your teacher is making you to learn, and you should take down the important notes to summarize what you just learned in the notes’ format.

Before the test, you can read and revise the notes to freshen up your memory.

Listen to songs

Sounds funny?

But it really is not.

Listening to the songs, and this way the brain allows to take up the memory to recall what you learned.

With the lyrics, you would start remembering the parts you learned by heart.

Tune in your favorite music and songs and see its magic to make you remember and memorize what you are studying for the test.

Solve what you know, first

At the time of hitting the test, do not stress at all (and you would not be) with all of the paper that you get to see in front of you.

Make sure you start reading it with the relaxing mode. Do not let it to increase your heartbeat.

Go through what is there.

And find what you know.

This is the only method to do good with the test AND that is the only way if you can really think of.

Your turn

So, are you ready to follow these tips?

You should… And better do.

Because they are going to make you to pass a test without studying.

Get prepared with all the methods and you are good to go! 🙂

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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