How to memorize faster and easier for exams

Students who usually neglect the course books throughout the year, may face trouble when the exams are near. It is nearly impossible to cover all the syllabus of the year in just a few days. Many of you could be doing the same, as in covering all the syllabus in just a few days.

How to memorize faster and easier for exams

It is going to be intense pressure that your exams are on your head and you have not prepared for them yet. First off all you have to make it sure that you know the fact; you cannot study 12 hours a day to cover up the syllabus. You ought to study in small intervals in order to study effectively, and you need to take short breaks while you are studying.
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Focus needs to be on “how much” you studied rather than on “how long” you studied.

Here are a few tips on how to memorize faster and easier for exams:

1.Study different subjects a day:

It is a known fact that when you study different subjects each day you will get better results rather than studying one subject. For instance, if you have a course of six subjects, then you ought to prepare a bit from each subject a day, rather than preparing one of them and diving deep into each of them.

You need to do this way due to the fact that you are going to confuse one type of information when you study a lot of the same subject.

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This way you will study smart rather than studying hard!

When you are doing this, you can train your brain to consolidate what you learnt so far.

2.Do not limit yourself to books:

Whenever you are studying a subject, do not just prepare from the notes or the books.

Yes, that is right!

You already know that there are a lot of sources available to view the same data of the subject. When you are studying by using various sources then the benefit you are going to get is, you can activate multiple areas of the brain. In that way, information you are trying to get is well retained and understood by the brain.

Covering the specific topic, you can check out the books and the notes; but do some research and get some additional knowledge by the online sources as well. You can practice the problems this way and make a mind map in order to achieve effective learning.

3.Reading between the lines:

Now you might be thinking, what reading between the lines actually means?

It is speed reading!

Yes, you know that as a student you need to study various things at a time. Keeping the shortage of time in mind, this is a basic tip for you to read with speed.

You will have to practice speed reading in order to get more things done. When you are reading fast, it will help you to improve your comprehension, moreover, you will read effectively this way.

To read with speed first of all you have to pick the right thing to read, then keep your eyes move steadily and quickly on the section you are about to read. By doing this, your reading speed will be doubled.

4.Reviewing periodically:

If you want to move the learnt data from the temporary memory to the permanent memory then all you have to do is the revision of the subject periodically. You can get better grades in exams when you revise everything you learnt.

You can do the revision with the manner given below:

1.First revision – the very first day after learning

2.Second revision – after three days of the last revision

3.Third revision – after seven days of the last revision

4.Fourth revision – after twenty-one days of the last revision

5.Fifth revision – after thirty days of the last revision

By doing the revision this way you can have the information stored in your mind clearly and for long time.

5.Writing on a paper:

People these days write on the laptops and iPads, but one thing is known for ages that writing by hand on paper is quite efficient and effective.  You can get creative thinking while you are writing the learnt information on the paper. You can make flowcharts on the paper while you are writing the information down. You can cut the irrelevant information and can highlight the important one.

By this method you can get effective and guaranteed better results.

6.Avoid multitasking:

When you are multitasking during study, you can get less creative, dumb and off course side tracked. As a student, you should avoid multitasking; for getting better results. Multitasking during study means, you are continuously watching Television, listening to music, browsing on the internet etc. you should avoid these things while you are studying as you will not be able to focus on what you want to memorize.

7.Simplifying the information:

You need to simplify the information you want to memorize first and then you should start memorizing. For this you can use acronyms for the terms which are difficult to memorize. When you are learning it this way you can summarize the information and then start learning it.

8.Sitting in a comfortable place:

Now, you should choose the right place for you to study, where you can focus and concentrate. The place where you want to study must be the one where are no distractions and a silent one.

End note:

By following these tips, you can memorize faster and easier for your exams!

Plan and schedule your studying period; then start learning right away, do not waste more time.

At the end, one thing is above all! That is your “Nutrition”. Eating healthy needs to be your priority so that you can learn properly and effectively.

By following these easy tips, you can score high in your exams and can get good grades even in short time. You surely can perform well, just have faith in yourself and of course hard work is needed.

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TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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