How to Know If College Isn’t For You and alternatives


How to Know If College Isn’t For You is a million dollar question.

College life is something to build the learning process your friend to help you along the life you choose afterwards.

That life is, whether to do a job, learn and utilize the skills, or head start with any business.

The college is the dream come true experience for many and it has literally proved.

But what is it is not for you? It is something NOT made for you?

Can you detect that; as to how to know if college isn’t for you.

If you can, that is super brilliant for you so that you do not waste much of the time by continuing going to the college.

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How to know if college isn’t for you

Now… Let’s get to know the ways that may tell how to know if the college is not for you.

Follow these steps and you would be known with the indicators and facts that can definitely tell you if that is not really for you; the college.

  • Are you exhausted?
  • Thoughts strike college is the waste of money
  • You do not need college to change your life
  • Ready to conquer the world without a degree
  • Wanting to change the course?
  • Happying your parents only?
  • What would people say?
  • Work experience is important
how to know if college isn't for you

how to know if college isn’t for you

Are you exhausted?

Sitting in the class makes your exhausted?

If your answer is yes, then it should tell you it is (the college) is not really for you to keep going.

And the thought strikes you hard to getting free and obtain the freedom from all of this college life, it would make the situation worsen and would not allow you to return back to the college so easily.

Count it, this is the strongest indicator to feel the college is not for you.

Thoughts strike college is the waste of money

When it feels like you are just wasting the money (and not the time) by going to the college everyday.

Congratulations! The college is not for you.

Get ready to leave it once and for all.

You do not need college to change your life

Doing something out of the college.

Maybe learning a new skill? Running a small-level business. Or anything out of the college life.

That may steal all of your focus and will make you energyless to continue with college.

Ready to conquer the world without a degree

Many successful personalities started with their career way back during their early life.

They did not spend much of their time going back and forth to the college and hence, they kept the focus over building the empire for them.

Yes, that is entirely possible and only possible when you have something cooking in the background.

Working on a business? Freelancing? Utilizing the skills with greater force?

Then the college is not really for you.

Wanting to change the course?

Want to change the course to do something constructive for your own self.

If that is the core purpose to back out of the college, that is entirely okay.

I would say that would be the best investment you can do to yourself.

But if that is even for the course change due to the random reasons, then the college is not really for you in this case as well.

Because that is not going to work anymore.

Lost of concentration would entirely kill all of the reason to go into college.

Leave it before it is too late.
Do you agree One of the reason you are still confused about

how to know if college isn’t for you

is parents or social pressure ?

Happying your parents only?

Most of the college-goers attend the college just to make their parents happy.

They do not want them to feel bad for you and thus, you are forced to go to the college everyday.

Even though that is not a right strategy to conduct for long but you are kind of forced to keep repeating it for everyday.

You do not want them to blame you or feel bad for themselves.

But understand the thing, they pay for your college fees with their hard earned money.

They might even be hitting two jobs at a time to fulfil your requirements and make you even happier to attend the college and become something.

Even though you are not up for going to college, you may talk it out with your parents before it gets too late to talk.

What would people say? (How to Know If College Isn’t For You)

Due to the immense pressure from the society, you go to the college for the sake of what would people say if you do not.

Yes, people would definitely say anything and something about you for sure when you do not go OR leave going to the college… But they are the people and they would say for sure.

You cannot keep going just for them. You should back out of it if you do not really want to go for your own good self.

Work experience is important (How to Know If College Isn’t For You)

When this strikes you, it is okay.

You feel for the work experience is more important than obtaining a degree, it is totally okay.

The core reason of going to college is to incite the hardship in you to become something.

Take short courses instead of full fledged conventional education to obtain a single degree.

This world is revolving around too fast and you cannot act like a slow-paced sloth.

Enjoy being the part of this fast moving world where you can literally save you months and years behind anything to learn from the scratch because there are indeed the methods available to get you started and you can take assistance of your mind to learn it in a creative way.

The conclusion!

College is good if you feel it is good.

But you got anything to become, anything to learn, you can definitely do — and without going to the college.

You would be taunted when you take this action but it is your life, and I advice you to take that step when you have concrete mindset developed to do something better with your life.

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Bring that mindset and conquer the world with what you want to become!

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