How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress

Stress is inevitable in this modern world.

Relationships are very complex now days.

Though food is easily available to people but there are other problems in today’s world.

You need to pay bills.

You need to educate yourself which is not free.

Due to advancement in living standard. People are unable to meet the new requirements.

They need more money to spend on brands.

They are busy in partying, after stressful day.

Homes are not free, and you need to pay rent.

Painful relationships

If you are in a painful relationship, you need to find a solution. You need to consult a relationship expert.

We are human, and our power is living in a group. Without other fellow human we may not perform very well. We need other fellow member for psychological needs.

Good foods

Most people are relying on drinks to reduce their stress. Some people eat too much to reduce their stress. We eat junk food, in our routine life. Junk food is ruining our life.

We are social being

Instead of spending time with our fellow humans, we are spending most of our time, in front of screens. Mobile screen, laptop screen, we are occupied by screens in our life.

Some good habits to reduce stress

Make a daily routine of walk, exercise or going to gem. You need to play your favorite sports. Workout is the best way to reduce your stress. You can walk with your pets also.

If exercise is not easy for you, you can find a buddy for yourself. To divert your mind, you can listen something while walking.

Meditation is very important for us. You need to spend time doing meditation. You can do any meditation. Don’t complex things. Here is super simple meditation. Just observe your breath for 30 mins or more.

We human make things very complex. No need to start research on meditation. Just do it on daily basis, what you already know. You can improve in it with the passage of time.

There is no good or bad meditation. Either you do meditation, or not at all.

Maintain your diary or journal and write your life events and process.

Don’t forget to read books on daily basis.

How to cope with stress?

Remove toxic people

Stop judging yourself

No one knows, what will happen tomorrow, so stop worrying about future

Live in present movement.


How to reduce stress?

Remove things causing stress.


Do you think stress is good?

Stress is good up to some extent. If there is no stress, you will not able to meet your deadlines.

Do you need to take help for depression?

You suffering from depression, you need to consult health care professionals.

What is stress?


How to deal with stress?


Can you beat stress?

Yes, you can beat stress, do be in rush every time.

Causes of stress?

Exam pressure, tension in student

Meeting deadline for office workers

Daily Sales goals for salesman and business owners

Homework and test for students

Jobs for young graduates



Activities to help reduce stress

  • Do find time in your daily routine for exercise.
  • Find some time for your loved ones.
  • Find time for your hobbies.
  • Play physical games
  • Don’t watch news
  • Stay away from negative peoples
  • Start reading books and novels


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