How to choose topic niche of YouTube channel

How to choose topic / niche of YouTube channel

Are you going to start YouTube channel?

But you are stuck, what to do and what to avoid?

YouTube is a long term game. And you need at-least 100 videos if you want to see any result. Days are gone when you not need too much work.

10 years ago was one of the best time to start your channel, But don’t today is also the best time to start.

Go with your gut feelings

Follow your gut feeling is not bad idea. You don’t know about a topic. But you are feeling you can do it.

Don’t cross YouTube and community guide lines? Money will follow you; you don’t need to be doing something unethical and immoral.

Be a good and responsive person and do something good, so that people remember even after centuries.

Start with what you know?

You can also start preaching what you already know.

If you are expert or know drawing/painting, go for it.

There are some people who know more than you, but they are not your viewers. But there are some people who are less knowledgeable than you. They are your true target audience.

Too motivated about something

If you are super motivated about a topic, Go and start making videos.

Don’t listen to your voice

Don’t listen to the nagging voice in your mind. If you want to be expert some topic or subject, create a YouTube channel out of it.

Choose a random niche

Yes, you can choose a random niche. If you are polyglot, you can do it. If you are studying about something but you don’t have much knowledge about it. Why not understand first and share with your audience what you learnt.

Have you studied something?

If you are a qualified person and working somewhere. Don’t forget to share your experiences. Don’t try to interfere or share personal life of people. Just post what about your work routine and how you work. Don’t indulge in politics.

Share your thoughts & feelings

Share your thoughts about each and everything if you feel good. But don’t try to hurt anyone. You are supposed to hurt any sect. Stay respectful to everyone. Stay away from discrimination.

Spread smile

If you can smile people, you are in great demand. You can share your videos and it will be viral in no time. But don’t say something which can hurt anyone.

Do you know more than one language?

Let suppose you know more than one language. You can teach it to anyone. Why not start teaching on YouTube. It will help find more clients who are willing to learn from you personally, may be for exam or want to create translation in your native language.

Don’t promote low quality

Don’t promote low quality products and sites. You can’t do anything for money. Keep in mind, you are an honest person. Don’t promote something which doesn’t provide value to you and your audience.


Niche selection is not easy. But if you are too much confused. You can start with one anyway. Doing nothing is not the strategy at all. You can try and test different niches and find the one you like the most. But you need to not break your rules and values.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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