How to learn new things easily

How to learn new things easily


Everyone needs super power of learning.

But do you think it is possible to learn super-fast.

How to deal with boredom?

Do you want to understand concepts first  then you want to learn?

Do you think understanding is important?

Trying to learn new concepts is very important?

Sometimes you learn a subject and when you came back when you need. It is all evaporated.

I can share my story with you. We have any amazing teacher who used to teaches electronics. His teaching style was super-duper. He can almost teach anything. But mostly he teaches probability and electronics.

We used to learn too much in his class and obtain A grade in his subject. He won’t’ mind asking questions.

I usually take his class with 100% attention and engagement.

He taught a chapter and we are very busy in that week. So when we open our notebook after a week. We have forgotten everything. We are very miserable condition.

Forgetting is natural. But forgetting what he taught was not able to digest by us.

The reason that we forget his useful lesson was no revision. If we continued revisions we will never forget his teachings.

Let me tell you, understanding is the first step. If you can explain what you have read or learnt; you can easily explain it to a kid or make video out of it.

You cannot explain in your own words. It means you are able to understand what you have learnt.

You can reinforce your learning. You can improve your learning by active recall. Suppose you are learning poetry. You need to stop after reading a verse and reproduce it again in your words. Otherwise reading and re-reading will not benefits you.

By recalling what you have learnt can improve your forgetting curve.

You shouldn’t be wasting time on looking at the content and creating a summary out of it.

You just closed book after one paragraph and revise in mind/ recall in mind what you have learn and read.

It is one of the easiest ways to improve your learning. It will slow you down which create stress. But it will super charge your learning.

As I told you my story, you need to revises what you have learnt or learning. Without revision you may not be able to retain what you have learnt.

Revision can improve your learning. You need to revise what you have learnt before paper night. Otherwise you may not able to recall in paper easily.

Learning mean spending time on input 1x and spending time on output 2x or 10x. Otherwise reading is just mind recreation and entertainment.

You can read for pleasure but you can’t count it in learning. Learning is something else. Learning mean revising one thing again and again.



Understanding is very important. If you can explain to a child or mom & dad or cat, it means you understood that subject very well.

New step is to actively recall what you learning to improve your forgetting curve. Just reading or re-reading will not help you too much. It is not efficient way of learning.

Third step is revisions, you can’t survive without revisions. You will easily forget what you have learnt after some time.

Some make a time table for revisions.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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