How many miles should you walk in a day

How many miles should you walk in a day

People often question that how many miles walking is good for them? How far a healthy person can walk daily? Let us find out answer for these questions so that you can get to know that how much walking is good for you and what will you get by walking daily.

When you increase your daily activity, it is going to help you to lose weight if you want to do so. There are exercises which cause strain in the body and they may burn more calories than walking can do. But, if you do not want to do those heavy exercises you can easily lose weight by walking daily.

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Now, the question arises how many miles should you walk in a day, and to answer this question we need to look at many aspects of walking.

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First of all, when people start regular walking they usually start with leaping which is not a correct because in this way they will not be able to walk even a few miles daily. What you need to do? You need to walk steadily instead of taking big leaps, and you will not feel tired even after walking many miles.

This is the right way of training your body to build a good mileage, walk daily and increase the miles you are walking daily and slowly. For example, if you have walked for a mile today, then walk 1.5 miles the next day, so on and so forth.

This is an amazing technique with which you can increase your mileage and the ten miles that were seeming impossible earlier, would not be the difficult task as you are doing it right. Your body will not be under any kind of strain and stress if you increase the distance on daily basis and steadily.

Now, you might be thinking that how many miles a healthy person can walk daily?

Let us find answer to this question as well.

Healthy person’s mileage

It is said that a healthy person usually can cover a distance of twenty to thirty miles per day.

2.Weight loss

When you want to lose weight then you need to burn even more calories than you are consuming. It is a known fact that by doing exercise you can lose weight and will increase your fitness. Let us take an example of how you will burn more calories than you had consumed, see if you want to lose one pound then you will have to lose thirty-five thousand more calories in order to lose that one pound. You ought to reduce 500 calories that you take each day and parallel to that you will have to increase your mileage of walking daily so that you can reduce more weight weekly.


Walking is a physical activity which keeps you fit and boost up your body so that it can stay fit and healthy. You can cut going to somewhere nearby on car, and you can walk instead of going in a car. It is considered a good way for people who are not into physical exercises but they love to walk instead. You can get the same results as you will get by doing hard exercises. People who are not able to do exercise as they have some injury and have limited their physical activities they can walk daily so that they can stay healthy and fit.


As far as walking speed is concerned you need to start with slow speed initially and can increase it with time once your body gets used to it. After training your body you can burn more calories and can reduce more weight by walking with speed and the area where you are walking.

Now, let us take an example of how much you should walk in terms of the total weight you want to lose. If you are 150 pounds in total and you want to lose 70 pounds; you are expecting to lose one pound daily then you need to walk 11 miles per day. If we take that rate then you need to walk round about 840 miles in order to lose 70 pounds. You can schedule how much you will walk per day so that you can meet the goal of walking 840 miles.

The more speed you will get, the more calories you can burn on daily basis. You can increase your walking time as well as speed in order to more distance and to reduce more weight.

On the average, a healthy person can lose one pound a week and you can do that without any hassle by walking a few miles a day.

Let us see the important things you need to get when you are going to a walk.

  1. Water: You should have a big glass of water right before when you are going to a walk. You can take it 80 minutes before that and you are good to go. It will help your body to be hydrated all along the walk, and you will not get dehydrated when you are walking. And if you are on a long walk then you should have a small cup of water after every 30 minutes. Then at the end when you are done walking then take the same glass of water as you took it before starting the walk.
  2. Food: Similarly, before you are starting the walk then you should have a small meal of carbs and protein and it should be balanced. Do not take any milk related product if you are sensitive to lactose. You should have balanced diet as in not much food and at the same time do not start the walk when you are empty at stomach. You can start with snacks.
  3. Clothes and shoes: You ought to dress up properly and wear suitable shoes when you are going for a walk. You should not get blisters on your feet and you will get them when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes. Take good care of this fact that your shoes should be comfortable.

End note:

You should not start walking many miles very initially just take small steps and walk a few miles. You will be fit and healthy when you will tune your body to walk daily and a few miles.

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