Is there any foods that improve memory and concentration?

You might be thinking that what does food has to do with improving your brain’s power? To your surprise it really has to do with improving your brain’s functions.

This is absolutely true!

This is a known fact that healthy diet improves your body, but you need to know that healthy diet also gives a positive effect to your brain as well. Researchers these days came to know that our brain functionality is enhanced when our food intake is best.

How to improve memory power and concentration?

Whenever we are stressed out, it is known that it effects our physical health too.

The little chemicals known as cytokines are released whenever we are stressed out as these little fellows’ help use fight back against these issues by inflammation. This helps us repair the body by fighting us against it as stress is considered as an infection.

How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts

Now again, this question that what do food has to do with mental health? The things that are useful for brain are known as brain food, they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, good fats, and minerals that provide aid and energy in protecting and resisting against brain many diseases. We can have benefits from the foods for the brain, all you need to do is to choose right foods that improve memory and concentration.


One of the healthiest foods you can consume but people do not like it due to their high fat content; they really are powerhouses with fats that are good for your body and mind that helps to keep your skin glowing and blood levels steady as well.

They are rich in folate and vitamin K, that helps in preventing blood clotting in brain for whatever reason, such as stroke. Both memory and focus is increased when you start eating these powerhouses.

Moreover, they are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, and these vitamins needs to be replenished daily as they are not naturally stored in your body and you need to get them from other sources. They are rich in protein and low in sugar so they are pretty much beneficial for your mind and body.


Even for vegetables lovers, beets are not so much favourite of many people, due to the bad recipes they ate during their childhood. But, it is not known by most of the people that they are one of the most nutritious plants you can have. They help your blood to get rid of the toxins that are not good and are high in cancer protecting antioxidants that help to protect against cancer.

Beets usually help to boost the flow of the brain, which eventually help to enhance the mental performance. Performance levels and energy are increased when you start eating beets, but you need to eat them by making it in new creative ways and you can improve performance and memory of your brain.

It is considered as the fuel that helps to have energy and change your mood for better.


Any kind of berries are considered as good for brain and body as well, but blueberries are on top of the list. These are known to boost your concentration and memory for more than five hours by stimulating the flow of oxygen and blood in your brain; eventually keeping your mind fresh. These also helps us against heart disease, cancer and even against dimensia.

4.Green vegetables

It is known that they are full of carotenoids and antioxidants, that boost the power of your brain, and help you protect your brain. They are full of vitamin B that is proven to improve the brain’s power. Mental clarity is improved by eating leafy green vegetables as they are rich in folic acid as well.

5.Fatty fish

Omega 3 fatty acids that improve mental performance, aid mental health, and handle the behavioural function; and fish contain these acid that are helpful for your brain’s health. Deficiency of these acids led to mood swings, poor memory, fatigue and depression.

6.Green tea

There are two reasons you can have to have green tea, one that it is having caffeine and the second thing is that it is having theanine. It is universal fact that caffeine helps to improve alertness and helps you focus more.

Now, you might be thinking what the other thing is? Well, it is to increase the alpha wave activity that releases caffeine and increases tranquillity. These two things combine to give astounding benefits for brain health. You can add this to your daily routine to have the benefits for enhancing your brain’s health.

7.Dark chocolate

It is having a small amount of caffeine, that is helping you to enhance your alertness and mental health. It is low in sugar and contains magnesium, that eventually helps to release of serotonin and endorphins that helps to cop up with stress. But, that absolutely does not mean that you start eating lots of dark chocolates every day; you can eat small amounts every day.


It is a proven fact that drinking lots of water helps you improve your memory and concentration that helps you be more focused and helps you drink faster; will get you have more creativity and clarity. Water is the main thing that your body needs so it is critically imperative so you should get enough of it daily.


Many people know that nuts are very important for your brain’s health as they are rich in vitamin E that helps your brain when it is aging. You can eat them once a day in order to get benefits from them so that you can have a lot of amino acids and essential oils to enhance your brain’s activity.

End note

As you see there are many things which you can eat to improve your brain’s overall performance and stay healthy. There are many things that help you to increase your brain’s performance when you make it a habit such as coffee and tea as you have them daily. You can eat healthy and can protect your brain from damage and help to support your brain just by adding these things in your daily routine.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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