Best online file storage sites for personal usage

Best online file storage sites for personal usage

In this new world file storage is very important.

You don’t know what happen any time.

Your data should be stored on multiple places.

Saving your data on multiple places mean it is exposed to attacks and risks.

But losing without risk might not be good idea.

Due to too much data and information overload, we have access to much information, in audio, video and text format.

Why do you need to use external file storages?

It totally depends on your needs. If you have too much on your drive, will you be worry about losing it?

If you have some personal pictures, images, videos etc. , will you be worry about it?

If you have study material, like your thesis, research work etc., will be worry about it?

Hard disk crash

Unfortunately, Hard disk crash is inevitable.

Sometime due to power loss or viruses. Sometime due to damage to your drive may occur.

Data storage for students and teachers

It is very important for students to store their data on external drive or cloud storage. Storing your data on cloud might beneficial. If you have important research work or thesis.

Data breaches

Though you can’t trust on cloud storage but you don’t have any other option. Saving your data on external drive is not the only option.

Is it safe to use cloud storage for data storage?

Unfortunately, nothing safe. But you have no choice to trust. You can take some security measures.

Cheapest and fasted service to store your files

Though there are tons of cheapest and fasted services available. And even they provide more tb data to students for free.

Local storage service

Even local storage services providers are active in the market. But I will not suggest using it. I will prefer an international data storage space for my data.

Unfortunately, I don’t trust any local data storage providers. They have rented servers and they are not owner of the servers. And they don’t have any backup if something went wrong. And I lost my data due to their miss management.

Can you create your own file storage service?

You can create your data storage server. But it is not recommended. You don’t know how to manage the security of your server, If you know how to manage it. Then you should go for it.

Google drive storage service

Google drive is providing free of cost data storage of up 15 GB which is not bad. Even they have free plan for students. You can use it if you are a student.

Mega encrypted service

Mega storage is super popular now days. They are providing 20 GB free storage. You can use it life time. Previously they are giving 50GB that was unbelievable.

4shared storage service

4shared free storage limit in 2021 is 15 Gb which is too much for a single person. You can upload up to 2 GB files.

One drive from Microsoft

They are providing 5gb free storage. But their service is better.

Dropbox service

Dropbox free storage limit is only 2 GB which is good.

Pcloud service

Pcloud was one of the best storage services. But now they are very ungenerous and only give you 2GB. But their service is good if you want to use it.

One of their services which I loved the most is web download. Put your link in the download and they will download to their server.

I have used their service several years but now they are not providing free service very good.

Best online file storage sites for personal usage

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