what to do before an exam

Join the bandwagon and face stress just like everyone because we do not exactly know what to do before an exam.

Leaving ourselves clueless, the exam day and a day before it is always tensing, and extremely critical.

The time before the exam should be super relaxed and freshening without having you worry you gotta go through the exam in a bit.

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Be with us and let us find the best working tips to make your time fresh and enjoyable before the exam.

What to Do Before an Exam

Sit tight, and relax!

1- Do not bash studying all night long

The more you study, the better it is. While it seems true, studying all night long before the exam would not ever work.

While we urge the sound sleep all night long that freshens up the mind bringing your more benefits than all.

If the mind is deprived of sound sleep, the studying night(s) before an exam would go to waste, and that will force you to recall the old learnings.

Do not worry about the preparation. If it is missed, it is missed and you cannot do anything about it.

What you should do to catch all all-night sleep to boost your performance to remember what you had studied a day/night before.

2- Do not wait for the last minute

Most of the students end up waiting for the exam day to study the courses by heart with the imagination they got enough time.

Start months before the exam than the last day to go easy. And spend the day before the exam resting to act like normal.

3- Do not jump into bed to study till you sleep

Feels relaxing, but it is entirely a wrong practice which most students adhere to.

Study at whatever length but do it from its dedicated space i.e., the studying table. Thinking about landing into the bed the moment you leave the studying table, this practice is equally wrong as well.

Leave studying the books half an hour ago before you hit the bed to normalize your mind.

4- Do not study in one mode

And what we mean here is not to study by sitting in the chair for hours. Try studying in walking and sitting formation to bring diversity. This way, you have more chances to remember what you had been studying than plan sitting at the table and stressing your eyes and neck to concentrate on the book.

5- Take breaks every often

How much time is left? How much you have studied, it is best to take short breaks every often to fuel up your mind.

Take breaks for food. Take breaks for water. Take breaks to lay down for some time.

All in all, the breaks are as important as the study to furnish the memory to absorb whatever you have studied so far.


Do not stress anymore in finding ways to reveal what to do before an exam because stressing could only destroy you and nothing more.

So, go following our proven tips to feel good and lead the exam with all new you! 🙂


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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