Top 10 cool and amazing prank websites 2019

Whenever you enter into a friendship, all you have is your friends and pranks. It is a must thing for the friendship that you play funny pranks on your friends, sometimes offending them and sometime without offending them. Who does not like o roast their friends?

There are many ways of playing pranks on your friends. But first you need to understand that what is the meaning of Prank or trolls and what does it stand for. If we consider it in the language of the internet then pranking is an act in which there is a video which consists hilarious content. The video is posted on any online thread intentionally by your friends making fun of you in the video, by playing an act on you and you do not have an idea of that act before.

For instance, your friend is going to eat a sandwich and you put sour cream in it instead of putting mayonnaise. You film it while he or she is going to eat that sandwich. The reaction would be hilarious to watch, ad it be so much fun for you guys as well.

Top 10 amazing and creative trolling websites

Another important thing is that everybody has their own perspective on what is a troll for them. Because everyone has their own idea about it. Some people do appreciate the extreme pranks some of them do not consider it as a prank but as misbehavior. So, in short it is hard to give a specific definition of troll because each and everyone has a different idea about it. Sometimes you are classified as a troller, when your intention was not even playing a prank.

If you do not know about the fact that there are prank website that exist only for the purpose of entertainment and prank then in which world you are living in? About these website, you should keep in mind that while you are trying to prank other people just do not become the victim of the cyber malware. Even if that happens you should know that how you are going to remove the browser hijacker from your computer.

There are many amazing pranking websites available online, it depends on you that which kind of prank you want to play on your friend. Here are top 10 cool websites that are loved by many around the globe.

1: Blow up the phone:

If you are looking for the best online trolling websites then you have to look for them. One of the best is Blow up the phone, in which you can prank your friend with anonymous calls and texts which will end up in so much fun. You can easily go to the website and use this prank on your friend which will help you in sending hundreds of texts, without him or her even knowing that you are behind it.

2: fake update:

This is also an amazing idea to troll your friends because it helps you in displaying a fake update on your friend’s phone. It is not a real update and will end up annoying your friend.

3: Whatsfake:

By using this one website you will be able to initiate a fake conversation with your friends. It won’t even look fake.

4: Ship yourEnemies Glitter:

Here is the so much glitter prank, by using this website you can just give your friend a surprise of glitter bomb. Glitter only looks pretty when it is used for decoration not for pranking. Whoever will get this glitter bomb surprise will be so pissed and you will enjoy the reactions.

5: Greatbigstuff:

This is fun, you can do fun stuff on this website. This is one of those pranking websites which allow their users to order regular stuff to anyone. For instance you have ordered a paper pin for your friend to prank him/her. You have ordered an alarm clock etc. the only thing you have to keep in mind that the thing you will order will not be in their regular size. They will be in huge in size.

6: Nyan it:

When you are a user of this website, you can troll your friends by sending them Nyan cats. You can do it by adding the URL of any website there and this website will add Nyan cats to it. You can send this new URL to your friend, with whom you want to play the prank. You can keep on sharing it with your friends. Keep in mind that this website works only for the desktop.

7: GIFdanceParty:

By using this website you can create gif dance party, you can further share it with your friends. This is also a website that can only be use on the desktop.

8: Shit Express:

Have you ever dreamt of sending shit to your friend’s door step? All of us have at some point in life, at least thought about it. This is the one website that allows its user to prank on their friends by sending shit to their house. You can send the shit by using this website at any place on this planet. You also have the chance to choose which kind of shit you want to send, we mean here that which animal’s shit you want to send to your dear friend.

9: CatFacts:

This is not so much fun, but can be annoying to your friends. You can keep on sending the facts about cats to your friends. You can decide the number of facts to be sent.

Top 10 cool and amazing prank websites

10: Hacker Typer:

On this website, you have to start on typing anything and the output will look like some weird codes. You will look suspicious to your friends.

End note – Top 10 cool and amazing prank websites

There are many other ways to prank on your friends, but these 10 options are easy and hilarious at the same time. You do not have to prepare too much for this. All you have to do is go the website and start doing the pranks on your beloved friends.

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