How to Stay Awake while Driving – 2022

How to Stay Awake while Driving

How to Stay Awake while Driving? Feeling sleepy while driving?

Oh gosh! That is way too dangerous than just reading and thinking that one is struggling with staying awake while driving…

Yes, the frequent road hitting every then and now can cause you to fall in such situation many times.

But… that is not what you have to do; to go to sleep while feeling drowsy (yes, when you are done with your day trip/crossed the driving hours for the day, then you definitely need to take a sound sleep!)

For the continuous run, the dizziness become a norm and to fight with that… you need some great working tips to stay awake and fresh while driving.

How to Stay Awake while Studying

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How to stay awake while driving then

Not just one but there are multiple processes/tips to make you stay awake while driving.

But before knowing those tips… Why not take a quick look over the sources that will actually indicate you if you are started to lose your freshness and starting to feel drowsy?

  • You start to lose the focus, heavy eyelids, and blinking for no reason
  • Going into daydreaming state where you are involved in falling under the random thoughts while you are looking at the road
  • Unable or feel harder to read the road signs.
  • Rubbing your eyes and yawning
  • Not wanting to keep your head up
  • Restless
  • Feeling hard to keep the car in lane

These are few of the states which are the clear indicator you are feeling totally harder to stay awake while driving.

So… These tips are going to combat those states while you drive.

And they are….

  1. Pre-drive nap
  2. Mid-drive nap
  3. Have a healthy meal
  4. Take vitamins
  5. Take someone with you
  6. No midnight drive
  7. Drink caffeinated solutions
  8. Eat the 100 calories meal
  9. Chew a gum
  10. Listen to the music @ 90 dB
  11. Open the windows

1- Pre-drive nap

Whatever we do, we have to do all of the preparation prior to getting on board of any task.

So for the driving, the most important preparation for the driver is to be stressed-free, relaxed, and not found into the state of sleep deprivation.

Fall for the quick nap of even half an hour and you will thank me for hitting the roads for hours with the fresh tone!

2- Mid-drive nap

Starting to feeling fatigue after the drive for hours?

You check on the clock and it has been about 3/three hours without taking a rest.

Then it is time to take the mid-drive nap that is powerful enough to charge you back for many next hours.

Stop your car on the next rest area and if you are such tired where the rest is imminent, park your car on the side of the road and go for the nap for at least 20 minutes.

But make sure you are carefully parked and your vehicle is all locked.

3- Have a healthy meal

Take no junk food as your primary food for the breakfast, lunch, and the dinner.

Just take soft and green meals and please, do not overeat.

4- Take vitamins

Vitamin C and A are beneficial for the drivers to take.

While vitamin C helps in keeping the immune system healthy and vitamin A corrects the vision system so that the drivers who are coping with their vehicles day and night do get the brilliant eyesight.

But consult with your doctor before taking them on the regular basis.

5- Take someone with you

Driving alone is not just about getting bored but could be dangerous as well.

While a company of one can do wonders for you and the long hauling will be finished just in time without any notice.

6- No midnight drive

Drive for the full day but do not aim for driving during 12am to 6am.

This is the prime time when it is hard to fight with the sleep even though you have taken a lot of the sleep already.

Avoid the midnight drive at every cost, please.

7- Drink caffeinated solutions

And which is the coffee, for many.

Enjoy the latte, cappuccino, and any other flavorus with little to no sugar to keep you awake while driving.

But mind it, if you are out of or reaching to your driving limit, do not pose threat to your life by keep struggling with sleep.

8- Eat the 100 calories meal

Why only 100 calories because this much of the meal portion can put you awake and fresh for some hours.

And that size of the meal will not disturb you during the drive as such low level of the meal or excessive meal can make you feel drowsy and soon.

Try to take the healthy set of the meal and do not cross 100 calories mark.

9- Chew a gum

For most of the driver, chewing a gum brings them alertness as their tongue is busy chewing the gum.

Keep some in your stock if you feel fresh and alerted and take them by the time you feel the need of taking a chewing gum.

10- Listen to the music @ 90 dB

Many drivers find the music as the weapon to combat with drowsiness and when they are feeling bored.

But do you know the right level of the volume that you can listen the music on which will actually put you on alert?

It is 90 dB or decibels.

At this volume level, it is disruptive enough to make your body to flow with the music.

Do listen to the music as this level for 5 to 15 minutes to not turn it as a habit.

You, habitually, gonna play the music for long, that will effect on your hearing.

11- Open the windows

Let the fresh air come in, and you can hang your hand out to contact with the fresh air.

This will adversely affect on your body to feel fresh and you will notice, too, the sudden change in your mood for the improved driving session.

The conclusion now – How to Stay Awake while Driving

11 steps!

Yes, the 11 genuine steps that will make you to stay awake while driving.

Take them, employ them, and test them to see the noticeably change in your driving.

All in all, get down to your vehicle when you are too much tired and the sleep is the only solution to keep going.

But when in the event of not much tired, the mixtures of those 11 steps are beneficial to keep you going!

What are your thoughts about How to Stay Awake while Driving? Do comment below.


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