How to Stay Awake while Studying

For the good students, the studies is a must to keep done as per the schedule.

And how to really keep it under the schedule, by going into day to day studies portion and mark them done (means do not let it slip for the next day.)

Under many cases, how hard a student tries to complete it everyday but one thing is the clear enemy of keeping it under your own radar.

What is that?

It is ‘sleep’ which hits hard over the students.

They do not feel like completing it and making every excuses, and every single reasons to just skip it for now.

To the greater extent, that is alright as the sleep is the natural aspect of the life and when it knocks it, it definitely knocks it hard.

But it cannot let you to sustain the deep concentrate over the studies.
How to Stay Awake while Driving

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How to then stay awake while studying?

Well, here are some solutions to fight with the sleep while studying.

  1. Healthy diet is the wealthy diet
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. Chew a chewing gum
  4. Get used to of power naps
  5. Study with others
  6. Avoid being comfortable
  7. Rotate the topics
  8. Lights
  9. Read aloud!
  10. No difficult topics in the night

1- Healthy diet is the wealthy diet

Fat-rich food will turn you lazy and sleepy.

And one more thing, the excess amount of eating the food can also make you feel dizzy and heavy where you would want to just take sleep or at least lay down like a lazy person all of the time.

Then to fight with that, you need the balanced diet filled with soups, vegetables, salads, and proteins to keep you awake and feel totally energetic.

Do not take the sugars too.

Or if you need it, take it in the form of the natural sugar levels by eating the apple and oranges.

2- Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration can transform you to become sleepy.

And to deal with that, you need to drink good amount of the water and especially during the studies.

Keep access to the water bottle all of the time and drink at least 2 to 4 glasses of water to keep the hydration level in check.

3- Chew a chewing gum

Chewing a chew gum does help one in many cases.

And such as in the studies, you would need them to take in and out to keep you active and awake.

4- Get used to of power naps

Power naps are another name of refreshing your hold body and especially the brain.

Power napes consisted upon 10 to 15 minutes can do wonders with your body and the mind to set a fresh start even if you are so much tired or feeling sleepy.

However with the power naps, you cannot really take it as your primary sleeping cycle and avoid the daily sleep schedule (ideal if that is surrounded with the 7 to 8 hours sleep) to cover with the power naps.

The power naps actually do work great in the case of being awake for good amount of hours and they are going to deal just great with you.

5- Study with others

That is of course, the good idea, to study with others.

And they could be your friends, the most.

With that, you are stayed awake for most of the time without feeling low and dizzy.

Try it and see the marvellous results studying with your friends and within the groups.

6- Avoid being comfortable

Comfortability is the biggest element of feeling relaxed and falling asleep easily.

Some factors such as using the air conditioner, laying on the bed while studying, sitting in the chair, or anything that bring the comfort; just avoid using them while you are studying by heart.

Because when you study, you have to be more than AWAKE.

And as I said, comfortability is the biggest source of fetching the relaxing mood to take you to dive down into the being asleep.

7- Rotate the topics

Most of the times sticking to just one topic for too long can get your bored and of course, kill your focus and let you to feel a bit sleepy.

Then it comes the need of rotating the topics so that you are able to gain the focus back.

Do not just think to leave the studies while you are bored but switch to the next topic immediately.

8- Lights!

Try using the bright lights in your study room.

Make sure the bulbs are on even in the day time so that all of the room is well lighten up.

If you use the study lamp and feel sleepy sooner, then the light is your enemy (or the solution!) and you need just lights to lit up the entire room.

9- Read aloud!

I have personally used that method and it literally works awesome!

Reading with the louder voice is the way to not make your brain idle.

The more the noise you make, you are able to keep your brain awake which is indeed what you want.

10- No difficult topics in the night

Nope… Do not do that.

Which topics you find difficult to go through?

Well during the night time, you are closing inch by inch to the sleeping hours no matter how fresh you feel and how much you already slept during the day but you really cannot stay awake much longer in the night.

So… Going through the difficult topics/subjects will force you to put away the entire studying session which is unfortunately going to cost you the big loss…

Conclusion time!

Now we are at the conclusion part of this entire content…

But we have 10 steps already straightened up that are the ultimate problem-solver to make you stay awake while studying.

And one in a bonush that I want to share…

Which is to… take regular exercises such as hitting the gym, walking, and the cycling to keep your body fresh and brain to circulate at the good pace to absorb whatever you are set to study.

So… Let’s enjoy the awakening sessions of your studies from now on! 🙂

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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