What is a vector image in Photoshop & Illustrator

We have two types of images.



If I explain vector in one line or one word.

1. Human drawn images are vector.

Note: the word drawn. Its not clicked with camera

2. Don’t pixelate (upon zooming to any level)

3. Don’t pixelate (upon printing on very large billboard etc.)

Vector have no pixels.

Like you draw circle or rectangle. They are not complex like the other one.

Normally we click image with camera are just raster images.

Images and graphics you made with drawing tools like illustrator , inkscape or affinity designer are vector.

If they are scalable.

Here are some vector formats:

Ai, Eps, Pdf, Cdr, Svg formats.

Here are some raster formats:


If you embed a raster file in illustrator, and save it as pdf ,Ai or eps. It will be still raster. Why? Its not scalable. It will be easily pixelated. You can’t print it one billboard.


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