Best 10 free online vector converter & alternative

Here is the list of free online vector converter tools you need know. But there result is not very good.

Software Namelinkproscons
Autotracerlinkbackground optionsInternet-dependent
Vector Magiclinkbest settingslittle tricky
Vectorizerlinkuploaded, downloadeduploaded, downloaded
ConvertiolinkSimple interfaceedit options need improvement
Free Online Converterlinkfriendly UIfile editing
Online Convertlinkmultiple sourcesinternet dependent
FreeFileConvertlinkmultiple sources supportedediting options
Vectorizationlinksupport for local & online filesmax file size
PNGTOSVGlinkImage Previewoutput SVG only
Rapid ResizerlinkMultiple formatsLimited functions


You can use the above listed software to convert your images(jpg, png, gif, pdf or bmp) to vector format like svg, pdf, ai , eps, cdr and others.

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