What I would be doing, if I am PM instead of I…

What I would be doing, if I am PM instead of I…

After corona, situations are out of control. People in government are just ready to tax the public and create panic.

There are tons of scandals. Some big like panama, Pandora etc. and some small like sugar, petrol, property, wheat (gandom), media etc.

Note: I am doing article writing practice. You can disagree with what I write. I just want to say No offence.

What items should be taxable?

Which can not affect small poor man or women who are widow.

You can’t tax on food items

You can’t tax on medicine, especially for critical situations.

Why tax on poor?

If someone is already on its last legs, why are you going to tax him?

Is everyone is not paying tax?

Almost everyone in this country is paying tax. You buy mobile card/load. It means you paid 30 rupees tax. You made a call. You paid tax.

Why create panic?

Why are you disturbing masses? Why are you creating panic?

You are not supposed to be taxing items, which is basic needs.

Where your free educations stuff?


Why tax on medicine?

Insane person will not tax on medicine. Are you mad? Someone is dying and you are taxing him? Mad man and no sense… huhhh. Is he responsible for your mess/ debt? You are going crazy?

Why tax on basic food items?

Food items are basic necessity for everyone. Are you still going to support him even he taxed food items?

Man you are taxing even tomatoes.

Why too much salary for judges?

Judges are a burden on our economy. They are taking salary like 15lac pkr and pension of 6 to 7 lac per month.

Military doctor’s salary

Can you imagine military doctor in CMH Rawalpindi is taking 30 lac per month salary? Are you guys mad? What are you doing? Remove all those high paying staff.  We don’t need their services.

Why too much salary for security forces?

Security forces are nothing but burden on whole budget. Remove high paying officers. There are tons of people who are jobless and are willing to work on minimal salary. Why not give them chance and get rid of those unaffordable officers.

 Why plots for security forces?

You can allot a plot/ house etc. to martyr family. But why are you allotting plots to every officer?

Just visit Lahore property market. Every second person is a retried security personal dealing in property.

Bahria town and DHA model

Why not collect money by selling property and plots.

You use Malik Riaz model to sell plots to people and collect big money.

Money collection by selling registration

Do you know DHA is selling on registration application for 11000 pkr. A paper cost only 5 paisa. You are earning 11k pkr out of it. And they are willing to pay you.

Sell nationality

Sell nationality and Pakistani passport to Afghani, Burma, Iraqi, Syria and other people who are unsafe.

Allow prey to Arabs

Allow preying to Arabs and other people for recreation and sell them prey zones.

Make hospitals on Pak-Afghan border

Earn money by selling medical services. You can offer them medical services. No need to invest money. There are tons of people who are willing to invest money to create and build hospitals and earn money from them.

Build schools, colleges and universities for foreigners

People are willing to study in Pakistan. Why not create schools, colleges and universities to help them educate. Our own people are jobless even after PhD and MS. Why not use them and help them get job.

Build schools and colleges for locals

Everyone in Pakistan wants to become a doctor and engineer. Why not create medical school for them.

Sell cattle

You can sell animal to Afghanistan and no one is your competitor. You grow castles and sell them castles and export them to Afghanistan.

Collect investments from public

Most of the people are investing money in crypto which is legit and loss them in no time.

People are investing money in PTC sites which is nothing but garbage.

People are investing b4u cabs.

Why not create a clone site like YouTube and earn money from advertisements

YouTube is earning from advertisements. Why not use that model to collect money and improve business.

Why not create a site like Facebook and twitter and earn money from it

Why not create social media site like Facebook. You can generate revenue from it.

Freelance site like PPH, upwork & fiverr

A freelancing site will give your ability to earn money and create job opportunities.

Allow patients to be treated in Pakistan (any poor country nation)

Allow patients to be cured in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Provide them medicine etc.

Islamic education schools & madrasas

Muslims are willing to study in Pakistani madrasa for Islamic education from countries like turkey, china, Burma and other countries.

Medical education

People living in tier1 countries are studying medical education in Pakistan. They can’t afford medical education of tier1 countries. Why not create medical schools for them. Medical is a noble profession. People are willing to study nursing, medical technician etc.

Selling software

You can sell software. There are talented guys who are willing to create software like photo-viewers, antivirus, downloaders etc. which is useful. You can create inventory management software for small shops and businesses, hospitals.

You can sell tools for different purposes. Like security, whiteboard animations, after effects, illustrator clones etc.

Website and branding service

Web development and mobile app development is trending now a days. You can sell these services to generate revenue on large scale. Make use of thousands of graduates who are jobless and offer them tasks.

Contest based projects

If you need quality, why not create contests. You can start a fight between contestants by offering contests. You will super high quality results.




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