Who should start YouTube channel tik tok instagram vimeo dailymotion?

Who should start YouTube channel/ tik tok/ instagram/ vimeo/ dailymotion?

Due to technology advancement, any can create his own channel for free and become celebrity, if luck enough or they are willing to give time to share and upload videos.

What are the problems people are facing when they want to start a digital journey?

They don’t have enough knowledge about digital world.

Don’t know how to operate a camera, mobile or computer, laptop

They don’t know English

They don’t have internet

They don’t have good camera or laptop

They don’t know about technology

They don’t know how to edit

They are very shy

They are waiting for someone to edit their videos

They need a helper to teach them video editing, operating camera etc.

Software used for video editing

You can edit in mobile and computer. You need to learn basics of editing. In my view camtasia is super easy to use.

Software’s for computer

You need to use Filmora, Camtasia, Premier pro,Sony vegas, bandicam.

Top Softwares for mobile editing

You need the following software for editing in mobile.

  • KineMaster
  • FilmoraGo
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • InShot
  • PowerDirector
  • VideoShow
  • KineMaster
  • Quik
  • VivaVideo

Minimum requirement for starting a channel

You need a mobile phone only.

YouTube video for shops

You can create advertisement and promotional videos for businesses and shops.

Anyone in the world


Islamic scholar should start channel

Islamic scholar is highly encouraged to start YouTube channel. They are in great demand. They will find new business opportunities and friends. They will find online students for free. They sell their products also.

Islamic scholar can preach on their channel very easily and promote their point of view. You can help people to know more about Islam.

You help them find the solution of their problem. And help them to educate about Islam. You can spread Islam via your channel

Today, technology is so much advanced that a normal person has power, which only a prime minister and president can avail 20 years ago.

No one can imagine coming live and online 20 years ago. This luxury is only available for elite class, actors and prime minister.


Teacher should start a channel


Who is YouTube for?

Youtube is for those who want to spread positivity and want to make the world a better place.

How a lay person could start a channel

You need no knowledge or formal education to start a youtube channel. You can create youtube channel if you have something to say. You know anyone has something useful. You can share your life experiences. You talk about  relations , books, skills, expertise, have you achieved something in life. How you maintain your weight, how someone can learn your mother tounge.

Promote your culture

Now anyone can share their culture and promote their culture for free.

Promote the products in your area

A nurse should start channel

A doctor should start channel

A counselor should a channel

A business man should start a channel

A cook, kitchen could start a channel

An electrician should start

A beautician should start




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