What do you need to start freelancing?

What do you need to start freelancing?

Do you want to start freelancing?

You are at right place.

First understand one thing… Freelancing is not business. It is service industry. Freelancing is self-job or you are self-employed. So correct your definition and expectations first.

A mobile phone or PC/ laptop

You can use your mobile phone for freelancing. But it is not recommended. But you can start with cell phone. In case, you are going to buy, I suggest a laptop. You cannot do too many things in cell phone.

As far as I know, you can do normal content writing only and very basic graphics work with canvas.

You can create videos and do provide voice over service.

You can handle social media accounts, posting and provide social media marketing services.

You can manage wordpress from your cell phone and post article on it.

Cell phone is not recommended. But if you don’t have budget, you can start with it.

An electricity connection

You need a good power source or battery. If you are using pc or laptop, and there is no power supply in your area or much loading shedding. Then you may not be able to concentrate on work most of the time. You will be cursing all the time, your local government or power service providers.

An internet connection

Yes, you need an internet connection, a good one. Without internet don’t think of freelancing. You can use mobile internet or dsl. You can use any internet but good one.

If you are using an internet connection which is not very stable. You may not able to do your work with peace of mind. You will face angry buyers in your routine life.

Mind and will power

You need a mind which is willing to learn. No one is dumb. You just need not to give up easily. You need strong will power to fight back. You need to produce result and it may not be easy.

Good attitude

You need to be very polite with your buyers. You don’t need to be angry. You are going to face various type of buyers some are very polite and some are super rude. You are going to do business with everyone and are not supposed to teach them good manners or blame them.

Being positive

You need to be very positive every time. Without positive attitude, freelancing is not for you.

Learning attitude

You need a learning attitude. You are going to produce result and buyer will pay you. Otherwise no one is accepting your work.

You need to be continuously learning and moving forward. You need to learn how to sell your services and product. You need to learn how to upsell.

If you don’t have something which buyers need but you can provide value by providing another service. You should preach about your other services too.


Though freelancing is easy and no one is asking for degree but it is not easy to find your place in saturated market. You should have some sort of skill. You need to work on your communication skills also. Though is copy paste work in every field. But it takes time to figure out.


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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