Random number generator in flask python

Random number generator in flask python


[sourcecode] #Random number generator in flask python
#lets import flask first
from flask import Flask, render_template
#lets import render_template() to render html templates
import random
#lets create our first app

app = Flask(__name__)

#lets create our first route
#lets create a function for route
def random_gen():
#lets import random
rand_value = random.randint(100,1000)
# first value(zero) is min
# last value(100) is max value
#lets pass this random value to html template
return render_template(‘index.html’, rand_value = rand_value)

#lets run our app
app.run(debug=True, port = 8080)
#final step to create a templates folder and index.html file

Here is the github link

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