How to transfer data to phone and pc

How to transfer data to phone and pc

Transferring data to phone is not very difficult.

Transferring data is not rocket science. Even a kid can do it.

But sometime you need super-fast data transfer.

Storing data on phone might not be very difficult for you.

You can use any storage device.

What I normally use is the following options.


You can use zappya to transfer data between phone and pc. And you can transfer data to another phone easily. You can also transfer app installed on your device easily.

You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, so no need of data cable.

You can scan QR code and start the transfer process after pairing.

Bluetooth data transfer

You can use old school Bluetooth to transfer data between devices which is too slow but it works.

You can transfer data easily. But it is not recommended for big files.

We used to pair devices at the night and start transfer process and go to bed, in good old days.

Google drive/mega/dropbox/whatsapp

You can make use of cloud services to transfer data, though it is not efficient way to transfer data.

But you can use to it easily. You can install software on both devices and sync data between devices.

It will use internet to transfer data, without internet it will not work.

Wifi direct

It is quite good feature to transfer data easily. It is high speed way to transfer data.

Resilio Sync

It is one of the best pieces of software which I have used to transfer data via local area network, Wi-Fi and internet. It is a free software which can transfer and sync data between devices.

You can sync 2 computers also to transfer data between them via local or internet.

Baidu Wi-Fi hotspot

It is one of the most amazing software I have ever seen in my life.

It is free and you can use it without ads. Zero ads can be found.

You can transfer data between phone and laptop.

USB Data cable

It is one of the super-fast ways to transfer data. But some time

You don’t have data cable. Sometime it is not able to transfer data due to usb port mal-functioning.

Some time in office you are not allowed to connect other out sider devices to your laptop etc.

Card reader

It is one of the efficient ways to transfer data. You can use external card reader if your device doesn’t support one.

But removing SD card from phone and inserting it into card reader some time might not be good option.

So I will suggest to stick with the above methods if you don’t too much data to transfer.


If you can use data cable or card reader, it is one of the best options to transfer data. But you can use other options too.

You can choose from slowest to fastest options. Bluetooth is slowest way to transfer data.

In past days, infrared was also an option to transfer data. But now it is no more available.

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