How to start a business after 9 to 5 job

How to start a business after 9 to 5 job

Now a day, everyone needs a side hustle. You need some extra money for partying etc. but doing business may be good idea.

You are fucked up- super tired

You are super tired after coming home what to do next?

When to leave job?

It is very common question, if you want to leave your job, just wait for the time when your business start earning about 80% of the current salary.

Leaving your job without any other income source is a financial suicide.

Can you sell homemade items?

Yes, you supply homemade items to shops. If you have the ability to create item or source times, for it.

You have no energy

You should be careful about energy whole day. You need to spend time wisely. Otherwise at the end of day, you will not be able to makeup.

Can you start online business?

You can start your business on olx, Facebook and daraz.

Can you do freelancing?

Yes you can start freelancing but it is not considered business. If you have some skills, go for it. Everyone has some kind of skill, just need to polish it.

Can you sell on local market?

You can buy item from whole sale market and deliver it to shops where it is needed.

Can you work part time?

Yes, you can work as part time. If you get chance somewhere.

How to get free experience?

You need to start working as low pay job or free for experience if you want to learn. You should be honest with yourself and with other people.

Some business ideas

Selling apps and games

You can start app business. You can create games and applications. If you some good ideas, otherwise go to app store and check top chart apps and modify it for your needs.

You can develop a good app in $250. It is not too much if you have a job.

You can outsource everything to the freelancer.


You can start a blog if you interested in it.

You can outsource content creation to writers.

You can sell t-shirts. Go to famous tshirt selling sites like teespring, zazzle, spreadshirt and printful.

Stories and books

You can sell stories and eBooks. If writing is our passion go for it. You can create book summaries and sell to different sites and youtube channels.

Design contests

You can colab with designers and start working on contests. If you have good mind and know how of designs. Find a designer and use his skill to participate in design contest.

You can stock graphics also on different websites.


If you are good at something. Let suppose you are a teacher, professor or lecturer, you can sell and consult students and help them pursue their carriers.

Local content

If you don’t know English and only know your mother tongue then what are your opportunities. If you have writing skill in your local language. Then see it as opportunity and not as your disqualification.

You can write different material in your local language. You can proofread, you can create summaries, you can write your own books, share your experience in your blog.

Promoting your language is a fun.


You can start trading if you think you have no skill and you can’t learn any skill. You can trade in forex, stock market and forex.

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